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Istituto Marangoni Milano launches a digital platform to discover the new generation of fashion, art & design talent


To celebrate its 85th anniversary as a leader in the field of higher education, Istituto Marangoni launched ‘House of Istituto Marangoni’ – an innovative digital platform designed to give visibility to graduates’ projects in fashion, art and design from the school’s entire network of 8 global campuses, located in Milano, Florence, Paris, Mumbai, Shanghai, London, Miami and Shenzhen.

Istituto Marangoni Milano launches a digital platform to discover the new generation of fashion, art & design talent

Developed in collaboration with Vogue Italia, this digital platform is an interactive, virtual experience, which will be continually updated with rich content, including multimedia contents, virtual talks and interactive events, produced by Istituto Marangoni’s schools all over the world.

The motivation for this project stems from one of the central pillars of Istituto Marangoni’s mission – to support and promote a new generation of talent in the spheres of Fashion, Art and Design. A similar vision is also shared by Vogue Italia, whose vanguard ‘Vogue Talents’ project, which was launched in 2009, is a point of reference for creative minds from all over the world and has evolved into a network of people and ideas that connects talent to brands and is a true promoter of business, with a fresh perspective on fashion.

“Digital transformation is one of the key assets of Istituto Marangoni’s strategy for the next years. House of Istituto Marangoni is the first of a series of initiatives to move forward in this direction. It was conceived before the COVID emergency and today, it is a pivotal project to offer global visibility to the most valuable students’ projects,” says , Managing Director, Istituto Marangoni.

“Innovative and user friendly, it is a showcase to involve stakeholders of fashion, art and design, to share the visions of contemporary creatives. It is a real ‘think thank’ from where Istituto Marangoni’s students launch a strong message for a new start, with their unique style, spontaneous expression of Generation-Z,” she adds.

Graduates from Fashion (Fashion Design, Fashion Business and Fashion Styling), Art and Design courses will have the unique opportunity to give visibility to their projects, with a particular focus on the best designers’ fashion shows of each school. Through the platform, the students will also be able to benefit from and gain professional advice and reviews on their portfolio and CVs.

The House of Marangoni platform will also hold exclusive interviews of alumni and world-famous designers and creative personalities who took part in the ‘Enhancing the Future’ project, a series of talks about the future of the creative industry in the post-Coronavirus era.

Additionally, as a part of this platform, as an international mentor for emerging talent, Istituto Marangoni has also set up a contest – ‘Toward a Responsible Future’ – through with students are invited to develop a sustainability-focused project and have the chance to win one of the 14 scholarships with a partial waiver of the tuition fees.