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FruitBox and Co. records 5x spike in monthly orders and revenue during the pandemic


., one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms that has revolutionised the B2C as well as B2B vertical for high-quality fruits and vegetables, has achieved a remarkable rise in overall company performance and growth. With people increasingly becoming health conscious and particularly aware of what they eat and consume since the onset of the pandemic, the platform has observed an expeditious surge in its sales and monthly revenue.

FruitBox and Co. records 5x spike in monthly orders and revenue during the pandemic

The company in the recent period has witnessed a significant sales escalation with the average order doubling in the product range between Rs 1,600-1,700. With the demand for fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh produce growing in contemporary times, the brand has recorded 5x surge in monthly orders and delivered a 2-3X growth in user-demand and gifting orders. There has also been a notable success on the customer satisfaction front as the repeat customer rate reached over 65 percent. The organisation has also made tremendous waves with an exceptional market performance that accrued sales worth over Rs 1, 25,000 of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

FruitBox and Co. has observed a massive shift in consumer behavior from offline to online shopping. Customers who earlier used to and buy fruits and vegetables from physical vendors have transitioned to the company’s state-of-the-art digital platform, placing orders on a regular basis. There has also been a comprehensive shift in the age profile of the online clientele to 23-60 years, from the erstwhile 35-60 years.

Speaking on the exemplary growth numbers, , Founder, FruitBox and Co.said, “Since the customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the product quality and sourcing, FruitBox and Co. places great stress on informing them about the same. As there is merely a 1 percent penetration in online grocery space, the company further envisions exploring the potential of the extant untapped market space. The growing success of our brand during the pandemic is a testament to the fact that the online grocery space is a lucrative possibility and we are here to create an unmatched experience for our customers not just by offering a mélange of high quality produce but also by delivering customized and best-in-class services.”