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Linen Club unveils new brand identity and logo


Linen Club, the premium linen fabric brand from the Aditya Birla Group, announced the launch of its new brand identity and logo. The new brand identity and logo represents brand’s passion, authenticity and expertise in creating the best linen fabric.

Linen Club from Aditya Birla Group unveils new brand identity and logo

The inspiration behind the new brand identity is the amalgamation of European origin and Indian heritage. The new logo with flax stalk and flower imprinted on a shield exemplifies authenticity and legacy. The flax stalk and flower represent the flax fields of Europe, beautifully capturing the origin story of brand’s fabric and illustrating the authenticity behind creating a fabric that stands out. The flax fields of Europe are the birthplace of the finest linen fabric in the world. Nurtured by the generational expertise of the European farmers, the premium flax is woven by Linen Club into the premium and stylish fabrics. The shield in the logo symbolises brand’s legacy and seven decades of crafting excellence. An icon of authority, heritage and leadership, the new logo is the mark of India’s No.1 linen fabric brand. Linen Club’s fabrics has a mark of authenticity and genuineness from the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp – CELC.

“With a strong legacy of over seven decades, Linen Club has finely crafted the story of linen in India. As we prepare ourselves for the future, we want the Linen Club brand identity to manifest our passion for linen combined with our heritage, our expertise and our authenticity. The new identity while staying true to the core values of Linen Club, gives it a credible and inspiring imagery. Join me in celebrating our passion for linen with the launch of our new logo and brand identity”, said Satyaki Ghosh, CEO, Domestic Textiles (Grasim Industries) Aditya Birla Group.

The brand colours are inspired by the flax plant and the flax fields of Europe. The core colour, Teal, is a fusion of blue and green. It draws inspiration from the pure blue sky and the green flax fields in Europe. The secondary colour, Beige, is inspired by natural flax fibres. These colours come together in the new brand identity in forms that are ageless, elegant and contemporary. The sum of the two perfectly captures brand’s passion for linen. The new font is modern and symbolises breathability, much like linen’s inherent property itself.

Linen Club’s new brand line is ‘Passionate like you’. It celebrates passion as the key to the pursuit of excellence and the key to win. As the leading linen brand and pioneer of linen in India, with over 70 years of experience, brand’s passion for linen speaks in its craft and designs. A passionate enabler of authentic and stylish experience, Linen Club through its new brand line celebrate its customers who are passionate of life as passion is in its DNA.

With over 7 decades of expertise in premium linen fabric, the brand offers the widest range of designs in India and is synonymous with the finest quality linen. Linen Club produces 3000+ designs every year and has 6,000+ point of sales.