Home Retail Sharp spike expected in e-commerce sales due to COVID-19: Survey

Sharp spike expected in e-commerce sales due to COVID-19: Survey


With forcing people to stay indoors and exercise social distancing, considerable changes have been seen in shopping trends of the Indian consumers. As the pandemic’s threat is looming large, more and more people are taking to the Internet to order essentials at the click of a button. Considering the same, CashKaro.com conducted a survey to understand how India is coping up.

Sharp spike expected in e-commerce sales due to COVID-19: Survey

The survey was taken by 5,000 respondents including business owners, students, government officials, private firm employees, and housewives. hailing from over 22 states of the country.

How Are Indians Shopping For Essentials?

While there is a sharp drop in footfalls across the country, 15 percent are still traveling to local stores for their regular supplies. However, 40 percent are exploring the online market to place their orders and 45 percent are dependent on both, e-commerce as well as physical stores for their essentials.

Sharp spike expected in e-commerce sales due to COVID-19: SurveyThough there are some supply-side issues being faced by all e-commerce companies, yet the health scare and shortage of stock in physical stores are landing consumers on online shopping platforms. This shift in consumer behaviour might prove permanent as the COVID times are forcing a lot of new customers to explore the e-commerce world.

Are People Confident About Ordering Online?

Sharp spike expected in e-commerce sales due to COVID-19: SurveyIn addition to social distancing guidelines, companies are exercising contactless deliveries to ensure the safety of both, their consumers as well as delivery personnel. 78 percent shoppers feel this has reinforced their confidence in online shopping. After all, why go out when you can get everything at your doorstep at the click of a button?

What Are The Factors Driving An Increase In Online Shopping?

Sharp spike expected in e-commerce sales due to COVID-19: Survey– Safety and precaution are the primary reasons of shoppers avoiding physical stores and shopping online.

– Better prices owing to discounts and Cashback deals came a close second.

– Some people prefer e-commerce due to the availability of extensive options and brands.

But it’s safe to say that the Novel has pushed people to shift their shopping habits. As a result, businesses are adapting too and shifting from bricks to clicks. This shift will help accelerate the growth of e-commerce across various industries.

What Will People Spend On The Most?

The change in working conditions of Indians is bound to alter their shopping behaviour. The initial days of saw people indulge in panic buying to stock up on essentials such as groceries and medicines. Our survey revealed that these categories are still top priorities. However, as days passed and people stayed indoors, the demand for home appliances started growing as well. Lately, we’ve also seen some pent-up demand for air conditioners, fans, etc.

Are Indians Ready To Shop Offline Regularly?

Survey results say no! When asked how they would shop post lockdown, 30 percent said they would wait for at least a month before resorting to offline shopping for everything. 25 percent will wait for at least 2-3 months and 34 percent will hit the stores only when extremely necessary. These trends and behaviour are hinting at digital customer experience being a wise investment for companies.