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    IKEA resumes online service, provides contactless experience


    India, a part of the , has restarted its online service with its newly introduced ‘Click & Collect’, a safe and contactless shopping experience, here.

    IKEA resumes online service, provides contactless experience

    The contactless shopping experience has been introduced as per latest the government guidelines in view of , the Swedish furniture-maker said in a press release on Monday.

    The Click & Collect service ensures minimal contact between co-workers and customers during the delivery of the products from the store, the release said.

    Customers can order Ikea products on its website, pay online and select the ‘Click & Collect’ service option when checking out, it said.

    IKEA’s delivery team would prepare the order for the customers to pick the products up from the ‘Click & Collect’ station in the stores car parking area.

    The team would notify the customer by text or e-mail when they could come over to the store and collect what they had ordered.

    , Manager of the Hyderabad store of IKEA said, “We are excited to meet our customers in Hyderabad again. With our new ‘Click & Collect’ offering, many people can buy their favourite home furnishing products in a safe and convenient way.”

    “Safety and security of our co-workers and customers are our top priority and all measures have been put in place to enable safe shopping and a safe working environment, in line with our own internal standards and government guidelines,” Raimon said.