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How this lockdown phase is going to bring in a change in food consumption


The on-going situation of nationwide has created a static change and the intensity of the impact varies differently in all the businesses. The consumption pattern of various products and services are flattening and re-shaping as per the curve of demand and supply. An essential food commodity now has shifted to be a luxury item, leading to witness a huge change in the food trend consumption during the period.

How this lockdown phase is going to bring in a change in food consumption

The #stayathome trend is bringing the best of what’s in your kitchen and has been influencing the business model in re-shaping the industry, in order to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Now the fresh aspect of famous food-outlets, chefs, hotels, etc are all about creating ‘content’ on different recipes that are easy to make with the limited ingredients and easily available at home and making it available for people on various platforms.

The ‘new normal’ has made people self-dependent, fastidious with their lifestyle and food habits. Earlier, due to our hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, people were not as knowledgeable about food. The joy of preparing one’s own meal was something the world was missing out on. The lockdown has given people a reason to enjoy the whole food preparation to consumption phase and introduce a new trend where people are bringing creativity and nutritional twist by moving from ‘dal chawal’ to experimenting with food! A simple example of this would be the online craze for ‘Dalgona coffee’ to ‘Mug cake’; shows us how people are inquisitive to try out restaurant like dishes at home.

‘Every disaster carries with it the seeds of opportunity’ sets a good example in this situation as people around the globe have started devoting more time in their kitchen to fight boredom with new culinary creations. As a chef, I have always believed that ‘Food is the way to your heart’ and this lockdown has been a great opportunity to reconnect with one another and work together as one family. While a lot of small and big occasions fall in this period, people are looking at it in an optimistic way by celebrating it in their own little way!

Adhering to this thought, many food-outlets and renowned hotel chains have decided to work on the ‘food delivery’ model. A few of the hotels have started to provide such services with a well-curated menu that will be prepared and delivered with high precaution on hygiene and safety protocols and sanitation measures. Every necessary precautions and measures are taken by every single sector to combat the situation however, the status quo is still uncertain.

Hotel chains and restaurants across the globe are getting prepared for post-lockdown measures as it is expected to have some changes in the first phase, in respect to seating and table arrangements, temperature check, frequent disinfecting of the hotel premises, elaborate and extensive hygiene plan to secure guests.

Following that, the next step to approach would be to gain our customer’s confidence and next to garner footfall. Contactless dinning will be the preferred choice of many customers along with which other enhancements like QR codes and online menus will elevate the process of security.

It is expected that there won’t be a robust movement immediately after lockdown, but people would eventually start living the new-normal coming out of exasperation, with a jolt. Thus, bringing in a new change in the pattern and choices that will differ, but the demand will be there, despite incoherent choices. All we can do is to render our best of services with utmost care and affection so that we overcome this difficult situation with strength and persistence.