Home Retail Hub SPR City Chennai: Gateway to the world of businesses

SPR City Chennai: Gateway to the world of businesses


Market of India is a first-of-its-kind organised wholesale centre at this scale, designed to build a self-sustained community of traders. Merely a few kilometers from trade hubs like Sowcarpet, Parrys, Purasawalkam and Choolai, it is centrally-located in SPR City, the largest mixed use development in the heart of Chennai.


SPR City’s wholesale centre – Market of India – is aimed at bringing all trade under one roof and is projected to grow into an iconic business destination, rivalling some of the biggest trade centres in China. It is a platform to utilise the opportunity presented by the current physical and social infrastructure bottlenecks faced in Sowcarpet (India’s largest wholesale market) located at just 3 kms from the project site.

The site has road access on all four sides and is the only private land of this scale in close proximity to the city’s wholesale markets. The development of the wholesale center on the site will prove to be an extension to the current wholesale market in Chennai and is expected to become a trading hub not only for the Chennai city, but also the entire India, given its proximity to Chennai Port.

Drawing inspiration from wholesale markets,Chennai and other traditional Indian markets, Market of India is devised as an extension to the bustling trade hubs of the city and is a cohesive marketplace where business can be carried out seamlessly. The project comprises of 9 markets that offers world-class features and amenities; right from Truck terminals, LCV parking, spacious trade corridors to advanced security features, this new landmark of Chennai is all set to revolutionize traditional markets and reinvent trade in the country.

The Project

The project has markets with 5000 plus shops and offices featuring trades and commodities. The other key highlights include:

> 9 Markets
> 5,000+ Shops & Offices
> 50+ Trades
> 1,00,000+ Commodities
> Ample Car & Two wheeler Parking spaces
> 18 km of Trade Corridor
> 1 Lakh sq. ft. of Central Plaza
> 54 Lakh Sq. ft. of Built-up Space

The markets are ensured with good vehicle parking and advanced security features. The location has access from all four sides. There are 24 access points, with well-equipped energy efficient systems. The shops at MOI starts from Rs 50 lakh onwards with minimum area starting from 350 sq.ft.

Key Categories

Parrys Market: Parrys market houses shops of the following categories:

> Ceramics
> Sanitary Ware
> Interior Finishes
> Wallpapers
> Laminates
> Linens & Curtains
> Fittings
> Hardware
> Windows & Glasses
> Building Machinery
> Spares & Equipment

Strotten Muthiah Mudali Market: This market concentrates on packaged foods and kirana stores.

Govindappa Naicken Market and Perumal Mudali: The market is home to shops for electronics. The key categories are:
> Electricals
> Luminaries
> Lights & LED
> Wires & Cables
> Switches

Ritchie Market: The Ritchie market has shops focusing on technology, electronic and digital equipment. The major categories are:
> Mobile
> Computer
> Camera Accessories
> Mobile Accessories
> Electronics of all kinds

NSC Bose Market: The NSC Bose market is a heaven for jewelry wholesalers which ranges from:
> Gold
> Silver
> Diamonds
> Gems
> Imitation jewellery

Mint Market and Kasi Chetty Market: The mint market has shops mainly focused on accessories and pharmaceuticals products. The other categories are:
> Healthcare Products
> Cosmetics
> Ladies Bags
> Clothing Accessories
> Watches
> Garments
> Textile
> Belts
> Shoes
> Inner Wear
> Pharmaceuticals, surgical and Optical

Narayana Mudali Market:The Narayana Mudali market is well equipped with shops and equipment like:
> Stationery
> Decorations
> Paper Products
> Plastics
> Clocks
> Sports Equipment
> Goods Packing
> Crockery
> Home Items
> Imported Goods
> Toys
> Stainless Steel
> Cosmetics
> Confectionery
> Belts, Shoes and Clothing Accessories

Key Brands

MOI focuses to create a holistic market for both national and international brands. Therefore, the preference is given to both the players.

Consumer Engagement

MOI’s full focus is to bring new consumers and increase the footfalls. Once the mall is fully functional, the brand aims to bring in estimated annual footfall of 44 lakh.

Safety Measures

As far as safety measures are concerned, MOI is well equipped with the advanced security features. The centre has international security design with safety and vertical connections with a full proof fi re system.

The International security design features include:
> CCTV cameras
> DFMD and Frisking checking points
> Boom barriers
> Scanners
> Fire lifts
> Sprinklers in common area
> Smoke detectors in common area

The safety connections include:
> Earthquake Resistance Structure
> Passenger Lifts and Escalators

The fire system details include:
> Emergency Staircase
> Fire Extinguisher
> Fire Alarm
> Emergency services
> Water hose and pump
> Fire rescue tool and marked fire exits