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All That Dips: Creating dips with bold & creative flavors


FoodService India speaks to and , Co-founders & Directors of , which makes a range of salsa, hummus and other signature dips, about the uniqueness of their product range and about the efforts made by the company to ramp up its products’ visibility with the customers.

All That Dips: Creating dips with bold & creative flavors

Tell us about your company and its products.

Deep Lodhari: All That Dips is a Vadodara based healthy snacks manufacturer. Since 2017, we have been making a variety of dips and sauces that are international in appeal and local on palate with the aim of making healthy dips more accessible to the Indian palate. The company’s founding belief is to think global and act local and this philosophy has been guiding us to create interesting twists to our range of salsa, hummus and other signature dips in classic and bold flavours. We offer our customers a range of lip-smacking snacks, which are made with the finest ingredients. Our products are delicious, artisanal, free from harmful chemicals, and always fresh.

How would you describe the USP of your range?

Dhaval Patel: We make our snack products by taking a very careful approach to the ingredients that goes into making them and with the utmost respect for our customers. We start with only the best ingredients and then get creative with our flavours so that the customers can experience many new “wow” moments and occasions to share with friends and family, and also to enjoy all by oneself. Our salsa and hummus are perfect for spreading on anything, dipping into everything, or adding to whatever is on the menu.

What is the range of your products currently?

Dhaval Patel: Currently, All That Dips has 18 SKUs with 3 variants of hummus, 3 variants of salsa, 3 variants of aioli, 3 yogurt dips, 3 signature dips, and 4 cheesy dips. When we started, the company was primarily focused on hummus and salsa dips. Of late, with positive consumer feedback on our products, we have launched a variety of cheesy dips, yogurt dips and even guacamole. More recently, we have also branched out into marinades and stir fry sauces with our new brand ‘Bechef’. The speciality of the sauces that we produce lies in its variety, authenticity of taste and quality.

Which are the major markets for your products?

Dhaval Patel: We have been selling healthy dips in the Western Indian cities of Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara. The company has recently launched its product range across Southern India as well, in the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa.

What are you doing to popularise your products?

Deep Lodhari: As a snacks company, All That Dips realizes that consumers need to be properly informed about our new product range if they are to go out and try it in large numbers. However, as these products are new to the Indian market, it’s tough for many people to even pronounce the names of dips that we have been dishing out, let alone make the products a part of their regular monthly grocery list. So, to increase the awareness about our products, we have launched a campaign for sampling and tasting of the dips across the majority of the stores where they are being retailed. Many customers are wary of even tasting unfamiliar dips. We are making sure that any such misgivings or apprehension on the part of customers regarding the product’s taste is removed through our sampling and tasting activity, which has been a success so far. Thanks to our sampling and tasting activity, more than 70 percent of the people who sample dips will come back to purchase it within 60 days.

What is your roadmap for the future?

Deep Lodhari: Going ahead, the company plans to expand its geographic reach across India and expand our footprint nation-wide by early 2021. We also plan to add newer snacks combo packs such as chip and dips, sauces and regional Indian dips.