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RanceLab: A comprehensive solution for stand-alone and multi chain setups


Since its launch in 1996, ® has been serving the retail and hospitality industries with its specialised services and technological expertise. For challenges like integration of large data, billing, stock management at multiple locations, analysis reports and customer satisfaction is concerned, ® is a one stop destination to shop for retail and restaurant management software and POS hardware products especially designed to cater to the specific needs of these industries. , CEO, RanceLab® talks about how the brand has lived up to its reputation and has added more features and services for its clientele in 2019.

How important is to make the retail business technically equipped? Tell us about the benefits and how has made an impact in this sector?

We live in a world where experience driven marketing isn’t just a buzzword but a secret to growth. To assist business owners, match the growing expectations and demands of the modern-day consumer it is important to ensure that the restaurant business is well equipped with contemporary technology that would not only back their operations but help them cater to these demands and make happy customers. FusionResto provides a comprehensive solution that works well for various large and small scale businesses; be it a stand-alone or multi chain setup, giving them a tightly integrated system that takes care of numerous business functionalities under one roof. It provides robust security, involves easy implementation process and comes with an easy to use interface that requires minimal IT expertise to understand, allowing owners to exercise complete control over their business and helps in faster and better decision making.

How has been the impact of the services provided by the brand? What are the services provided by you?

RanceLab FusionResto’s hybrid technology and specialised services has laddered the growth of thousands of restaurants, saving them up to 18 percent annually by streamlining their operations and increasing overall business efficiency. Its highly advanced restaurant management system takes care of all of their organization’s functionalities and operational areas right from Point of sale transactions, stock management, bookkeeping to payroll and customer relationship management system, digitising the entire order processing system which increases their revenue up to 40 percent. Its advance tools and detailed analytical reports helps owners gain valuable business insights that facilitates their decision making and gives them maximum business returns.

Has there been any new addition in this category?

We at RanceLab understand the progressive industry and its demands, and accordingly bring new developments in our products, to keep our customers armed for the forthcoming digital world. In doing so, we have added multiple new features and functionalities to our offerings that simplifies modern trade, increases business efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction. One such addition would be our latest edition to the FusionResto product : FusionMobi,which is a suite of mobile applications used for tab ordering, tablet menu for direct order facility and to view food preparation video, for kitchen display system to manage multiple orders, for taking customer feedback and also for viewing real time sales reports of the business.

Tell us about the retail technologies introduced in 2019?

Some of our recent innovations includes inbuilt Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence tools, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing that facilitates data driven dining, provide valuable business insights and highlight key product information that increases operational efficiency, enhances customer experience and brings more revenue to the business.

What makes your brand popular among the clients? Is it technology or the service?

We believe in adding value to our customers business and providing them with higher returns on their investments. To support our customers growth and nurture their vision we work rigorously on our products and constantly experiment with new technologies to make it adaptable to serve the new age consumers. We understand their wants and the need for adequate technological services that such businesses demands and therefore provide 24×7 support services that are easily accessible through online questions and answers, emails, calls or local visits and are always available to help them resolve any issue or bug fixes in the system thereby ensuring smooth business run. It is our technological expertise and efficient service that consistently provides value added benefits to our customers which makes them our beloved brand loyals.