Home Food Nukkadwala estimates annual turnover of Rs 40 crore

Nukkadwala estimates annual turnover of Rs 40 crore


Nukkadwala, a prominent street food café chain from NCR, has entered into an exclusive tie-up with one of the largest online food delivery platform for two new brands offering a range of Biryani and Burgers from its multiple outlets in Gurgaon, bridging big vacuum and demand in this a substantial corporate city with great taste, quality, and affordability.

Nukkadwala estimates annual turnover of Rs 40 crore

The biryani brand ‘Dum-Nukk Biryani,’ which represents exquisite dum-biryani from Nukkads of Hyderabad, has already been launched at two of its outlets in stealth mode. The addition of these two new brands will help treble the delivery sales of all its outlets.

Currently, serving with seven outlets in Gurgaon, Nukkadwala plans to expand with a larger focus on asset-light expansion. The first leg of expansion involves strengthening the group’s presence in its home turf of Gurgaon by adding four more dark kitchens in the region to ensure full serviceability across all nooks and corners of Gurgaon.

In addition, Nukkadwala plans to enter Delhi by opening six new outlets in Delhi’s prime locations with 3-4 dark kitchens supporting each outlet. First of its Delhi outlet has been signed up to be opened at a prominent high-street retail market of South Delhi, serving its three brands of Indian Street Food, Biryani, and Burgers under this umbrella.

Speaking on the expansion, Ravi Gupta, CEO, Nukkadwala said, “With this plan, Nukkadwala is well placed to grow 5x in next 18-24 months with 35-40 numbers of outlets including delivery only dark kitchens. Currently, serving around 2,40,000 orders annually, with our current capacity of base kitchen and the expansion plan in NCR, we are well placed to reach around 12,00,000 annual orders in the next 18-24 months with an estimated annual turnover of Rs 36-40 crore. The next step for expansion will trigger where Nukkadwala will go pan India and to NRI dominant international markets, making it a true Indian multi-national cafe chain.”

“With the advent of new technologies like online delivery platforms and changing consumer habits with a large millennial population, a structural shift has happened in the way food and beverages are ordered and consumed now. For Nukkadwala, it has become extremely important to expand its dine-in outlets in the key market/ corporate locations while complementing it with delivery-only kitchens to capture the full potential of the surrounding market in and around 5-7 km of the outlets. This also balances fixed capital investment with asset-light expansion through delivery-only kitchens. The key to success is to offer multiple brands for delivery under one outlet, thereby gaining volume, profitability, and high ROI,” says Rajat Shail Kumar, Board Member and Serial Entrepreneur.

Nukkadwala represents India’s newest chain of smart and stylish food oriented cafes for the value-conscious. It derives from more than five million street vendors across India who peddle tasty morsels every day to ensure that Indians eat their way through the streets of the country – currently serving more than 4,00,000 customers every year.