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Sagar Daryani, Co-founder & CEO, Wow! Momo


Post his undergraduate education at St James School, Kolkata and graduation from St. Xaviers Kolkata, , along with Binod Homagai started immediately after completion of their Final Year exams (even before the results were out) at the age of 21. Interestingly it was Spencer’s Retail Ltd. in Kolkata which gave these young entrepreneurs their first break in 2008.

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As a brand originating out of Kolkata and currently with 255+ outlets across India, Wow! Momo is currently the country’s largest speciality foodservice chain of Momos both in terms of volume and turnover.

Sagar and his team have literally ‘played with momos’ and now their menu caters to 11 different flavours of momos available in Steamed, Fried & Pan fried variants. They have smartly innovated and invented the humble momo to create Sizzler Momos, Mogurg (Momo Burgers), Momo Chats etc. Even their dessert is a ‘Chocolate momo.

Wow! Momo operates out of kiosks, food court outlets, Shop-in-Shop models and high street Quick Service Restaurants. The chain has built a strong visibility across India with presence in the finest malls and high streets of the country.

Sagar is highly passionate about brand building. He idolises Sachin Tendulkar and intends to emulate the same diligence in his profession as practiced by the iconic sports star.

Sagar dreams of an India where employment is at its 100%. He has mentored several start-ups in the F&B space; some of them are already in operationally profitable mode. The chain’s business model is also being studied in several B-Schools, where Sagar has often shared his experiences as guest faculty.

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