Anup Kumar Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, Kirana King


Anup Kumar Khandelwal, the founder and CEO of Kirana King has pioneered the disruptive concept of ‘Kirana King – India Ki Nayi Dukan’, a new reality of grocery retail. He envisioned the revamping of traditional kirana shops and giving them a fresh new appeal, as his business tagline aptly pronounces – Empowering Grocery Retail.
With an experience of business since 1996 in Agro commodity trading, Khandelwal operates his global business from Dubai, UAE. His passion for business innovation is commendable and with his clear philosophy of empowering the retail business, he launched the very ambitious project that will provide long-term benefits to the grocery retail ecosystem by bringing transparency, building trust and sustainability in the grocery retail business of the country.
The sky has no limits for him. He wants to ensure that the next breed of professionals should have the in-depth understanding of the grocery retail ecosystem. He has ambitious plans to launch the ‘Kirana King Retail Academy’ in the state capital. While his dedication to work is commendable, his concern towards the society and the environment is also praiseworthy.
Born on November 20, 1975, he completed his Graduation in Bachelor of Commerce from Commerce College, Jaipur. He holds credit for serving copiously and monitoring abundant business functions while remaining at different business and work profiles. Being a visionary, Kumar’s leadership is reflected through his prominent services and several business innovations. First-of-its-kind, customer-centric initiatives that stand for the company’s credibility has been the cornerstone in his journey. His business philosophy resonates in providing long-term benefit to customers, in bringing transparency and building trust in the agro-market.
Khandelwal vehemently believes in running a business that epitomizes integrity and respect. He lays emphasis on creating and developing new markets for new products and also exploring avenues for growth to increase the market share of the company in different parts of GCC, Africa and Far East region. He is a trendsetter and has integrated technology and innovation into his product offerings, along with providing a superior customer experience. As an active participant in the agro industry, he has been championing causes such as filling the gap in market data by conducting primary market research and publishing the results, delivering product quality and additionally training sales people.