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Nathasha AR Kumar, Founder and CEO, Vajor.com


Nathasha AR Kumar                                                                    Founder & CEO                                                              Vajor.com

At the age of 14, Nathasha AR Kumar knew more about fabrics & textiles than any other kid her age. Observing her parent’s small textile business in China, she developed a burning desire to paint a bigger, brighter picture of her own in the field. That picture today is known as Vajor, a private label dealing in fashion and lifestyle products of unmatched aesthetics, quality and price points.

Starting her entrepreneurial journey the age of 17, Nathasha came back to India in 2010 to participate in her country’s growth story. With more than five years of experience in the B2B garment industry dealing with Tier II & III city consumer demands, she was able to implement her learnings from the grass root level to lay the foundation of her own ventures.

Be it forecasting, product development, content creation, team building or sales & marketing, she has dug her fingers deep to create the smoothest running mechanism in her company.

She understands the potential of a private label like Vajor in the industry. Competing with the market in not only designs but, content and technology as well. Nathasha believes that fashion is no longer a commodity and wishes to change the current scenario of marketing products. And Vajor is achieving that by selling an overall experience to its consumers.

Her unique approach in running this company with her team has led to the creation of a fashion brand that is technically sound. Vajor has been developed as an efficient ecosystem wherein, each and every department efficiently performs to lead to a highly productive day every day.

Nathasha’s grasp of a unified brand language, her understanding of the hot marketing tools of social media and an in-depth knowledge of what her consumer actually wants is what makes Vajor a brand to reckon with.

Bootstrapping Vajor till today, she is honing the brand to compete with big industry giants. Fulfilling the market gap between couture labels and RTW brands, Vajor is run as a sustainable commercial set-up.

Nathasha believes that the sweet spot for a successful brand lies in a harmonious growth. Gaining an organic following, building a community, maintaining healthy and eco-friendly practices, a fair use of resources is what Vajor proudly boasts of.

Achieving 200 per cent Y-o-Y growth, her current checklist comprises of taking Vajor to the masses, working on the omnichannel strategy and taking Vajor offline.