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DOLPHIN: A highly developed dynamic intelligent PMS by Secure Parking


With international presence in 12 countries namely Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, UAE, Lebanon, Cambodia, USA etc, is a global leader in the car parking management history. The brand entered India 12 years ago and is managing parking bays at popular shopping malls, offices, commercial complexes, hospital, railway stations etc in large number. With a philosophy to provide holistic end-to-end solutions in traffic and parking management, the brand has been operating 1,700 car parks and 1.2 million parking spaces globally.

Key Highlights
– Set up in India 12 years ago.
– Offices in Mumbai, Delhi (NCR) and Bangalore
– An ISO 9001:2015 certified company
– Operating more than 150 car parks and managing more than 1, 10,000 vehicle bays.
– More than 3,000 employees
– Managing over 3 million vehicles each month.
– Providing valet services to prominent malls & hotels. Highest 900 cars under valet in a day

Services Offered
– Consultancy Services: Secure Parking has developed the following methodology to address the operational requirements:
Traffic Impact Assessment and Parking Demand Analysis
> Parking Strategy & Design Review
> Parking Management System Design
> Signage & way-finding Strategy
> VISSIM simulation

Car Park Management Systems – Secure parking has established ‘SecureTech’, an inhouse state-of-the-art parking management system which helps in creating a world class parking experience. The brand offers:
> Heavy Duty Barrier Gate
> Cashier Booth
> Digital Level Display
> Parking Guidance System
> Secure Mobile gate
> Automatic number plate recognition system

– Management of Car Park Operations – Secure Parking’s approach has always entrepreneurial. “We have developed a series of unique systems and operating strategies that are specifically designed to maximise each site’s revenue and asset potential. Our philosophy is to maintain a careful balance between increasing revenue and providing the highest levels of customer service. Achieving this has been one of the key factors in making Secure Parking one of the largest car park operators in the world,” says , CEO, Secure Parking Private Limited.

Mall Requirements

“Parking creates the first and last impression of the mall in a customers’ mind. People will not visit a mall with poor traffic and parking experience. Due to this, developers are demanding professional services in design and operations. The most common demands are Quick entry and exit without any delay at the payment stations, finding parking slot easily, well lighted secured and ventilated parking with enhanced revenue and maximum bay utilisation ” explains Mayar.

Innovations in Technology
– Automatic Number Plate
– Recognition (ANPR),
– Electric vehicle charging station
– Pre-booking of valet
– Digital signage display
– Individual bay parking guidance


Secure Parking has developed ‘DOLPHIN’, a highly evolved, dynamic, intelligent parkingmanagement system (PMS) that integrates smart features such as loyalty programs, multiple payments modes, 360 degree audit, real-time monitoring, queue busters, etc which is necessary for customer satisfaction.

Key Features
– Multiple payment mode
– Loyalty programs
– Rigorous audit control
– Integration with ERP systems
– Self-diagnostic monitoring system
– Real time data accessible