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Shopping Malls: Decoding the art of design


When Select CITYWALK as a shopping centre was first envisioned, it was aimed to be a destination where people would come to have a holistic shopping experience. Our focus at Select CITYWALK was on five key areas namely brand visibility, parking, handicap assistance, tenant mix and ease of navigation from a customer’s perspective.

Shopping Malls: Decoding the art of designing

We wanted the shopping centre to be aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously keeping customers convenience in mind. Therefore, the design was conceived with a lot of attention to detail and meticulous planning. Retail, if seen as a science, throws some very interesting perspectives linking directly to the layout and design of the space. We need to study the natural flow of traffic, anchor points and maximum visibility for all stores with minimum blind spots. The unique L-shaped design at Select CITYWALK enables this aspect well and most brands have visibility from across floors as well.

The balance between functional indoor and outdoor spaces is also crucial where we need to always think – experience first! People go to malls to not only to shop but to also have a social outing and spend quality time with their loved ones. Our floor layout given to indoor and outdoor spaces is by and large equal.

The outdoor space has been built as a vibrant plaza and is utilized for various events, exhibitions, pop up bazaars and other various activities. The indoor space also ensures enough walkways and access points connecting to other floors so that there are minimum chances of congestion even on our busiest days. We are also sensitive to those with special needs and have made the shopping centre easy to access for them. Our parking has designated spots for women and physically challenged. The parking spaces are well lit and have effective ventilation so that right from the start to the finish of the mall visit, there are pleasant spaces for our patrons to experience.

Over and above this, we are also conscious about the environment and feel that we all must do our part in enabling green environments. The design of Select CITYWALK enables us to receive sufficient sunlight during the day via our roofing which features translucenttensile fabric to be energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. There is also provision for green spaces in the form of green cover walls and extensive plantation in our outdoor areas with over 6500 trees being planted in and aroundour surrounding areas. All our toilets use sensory technology that ensures that we use minimal amount of water. Also, all urinals and WCs use recycled water. The true key to success is to have a balance in the design of our space between experience zones for people to be able to congregate in a pleasing environment and an effective layout for maximising the retail experience as well.

The PVR and My Square sections in the mall are spaced out for those who visit for beyond a shopping experience. We also dot our floors strategically at several points with eateries at specific hotspots to encourage ease of environment; in between retail spaces. The design and architecture of a shopping centre is the backbone of the complete structure.

In the last decade, many changes have taken place in the way shopping malls are built. The initial aspect of treating it as a mere building infrastructure has now given way to a more purposeful design connecting back to a deeper knowledge of retail and studying human behaviour in such spaces. Therefore, it is imperative to serve foremost the basic human need and provide an atmosphere that is conducive to consumers.