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Eliana Koulas, Director/Partner, Luxus Retail & Director of La Martina, India


Greek born and Aussie bred Eliana Koulas moved to India about a decade ago with the aim to bridge gaps in the Indian retail market to redefine the concept of luxury fashion. She has worked with some of the leading fashion giants such as Tom Ford, Versace and Corneliani, Bentley and then further set up Luxus Retail in 2012 bringing La Martina, an iconic Argentinian luxury Polo brand to Indian shores in 2013.

Eliana Koulas, Director/Partner, Luxus Retail & Director of La Martina, India

Due to the strong evolutionary undercurrents which made their way into the country of how luxury players operate, and having garnered the technical skills and knowledge of the luxury market she decided to channel her expertise coming from the Aeronautical technical space and redefine the Indian luxury landscape by introducing and setting up iconic luxury brands in India.

As a Director/Partner, Luxus Retail & Director of La Martina, India, Koulas, has made her mark as a dynamic entrepreneur and has many responsibilities under her hat; a visionary, ingrained with achieving perfection in every aspect of the business. Steering all the aspects of the business right from conceptualizing, store planning to executing; she has an expert’s eye for all business solutions. In this magnanimous role she manages the brand strategy and product conceptualization business and marketing planning; onsite construction and project management; launch of new development projects and store set-ups; supply chain and logistics; retail operations; merchandise buying, planning and forecasting and product and sales training.

Being a born change maker in every aspect, she is also a transformational alchemist and mindfulness coach – specializing in emotional and heart alchemy specifically designed to fuel personal growth and development, eliminate self-limiting beliefs and patterns, trauma recovery, body and mind reconnection, belief system restructuring, release of emotional blockages, the use of heightened self-awareness techniques by facilitating life altering shifts.

An enthusiast with a myriad of interests, she has a true passion for all high-octane adrenalin sports such asshark cage diving, airplane wing walking, parachuting out of planes, flying fighter jets and ex-military choppers. A go-getter by nature she loves all things adventurous with sports ranging from Pistol Shooting, Boxing, Soccer, and F1 racing and raced at multiple F1 racing tracks around the world.

Her experiences have been phenomenal from driving luxurious Bentley GT Continental cars in the winter wilderness in extreme conditions of snow and ice, in a remarkable landscape on actual Finnish lake harnessing the power of 560 horses on a surface of pure ice at a mere 60 km from the Arctic Circle.. From drag racing & to drifting, and experimenting multiple driving maneuvers in dangerous conditions she has been trained with professional rally car drivers. She also drove with the worlds No1 ice-driving record champion ‘JuhaKankkunen’ who has notched up countless wins in his rally driving career among four world titles.