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Robovision 3D: An innovative platform to provide footfall data for malls


DELOPT (Deepti Electronics & Electro-Optics Pvt. Ltd.) is a company that focuses on the design, development and production of Embedded Systems and Electro-optics systems for military and civilian applications. Their civilian applications include providing a footfall counting system for retail intelligence and security surveillance systems in retail organisations etc.

Robovision 3D: An innovative platform to provide footfall data for malls

Staffed with a pool of experts, DELOPT strives to achieve Total Quality Management (TQM) through continuous improvement. In a tête-à-tête with Dr. MR Sheshadri, Managing Director, Delopt, Shopping Centre News Bureau finds out on what it takes to create and oversee technology solutions for shopping centres in India.

Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us about DELOPT?

Being a leading in-store technology provider in India, DELOPT strives to manufacture and sell People Count Systems with high accuracy and optimum power. We consistently focus on development and towards that have developed ‘ROBOVISION 3D’. This technology is installed and used by major retail brands and shopping malls across the country. It is also installed in airports, amusement parks, shopping centres, office spaces etc. To get an accurate count of visitors and also to find out building occupancy patterns.

It is based on the trending concept of footfall count systems, that are deployed near entrances of shops and malls to automatically count the number of visitors and generate reports on a timely basis. This footfall count data is then used by the retail stores and malls to ascertain the following:
– The total number of people visiting the mall
– The exact timing of the visit
– The busiest and prime hours of business as per footfalls
Whether advertising and promotions by the mall/ brands helped increase footfalls
– Adequate store staff planning

What are the services offered by your brand from a shopping mall perspective?

We offer a multitude of services to our customers including:
– ROBOVISION 3D: The sensor offers almost a 98 percent accurate people count. It is an IoT devise that processes data on the edge and is intelligent enough to differentiate between an adult and child.
– DELBI: These are people count reports on a SaaS Model. DELOPT offers cloud services to generate people count reports for the shopping malls.Automated reports are mailed to designated e-mail IDs every day.

What is your USP?

Ours is a global product that is sold and installed in Europe, Middle East, APAC and American markets. Our systems are designed, developed and procured in India and our USPs are many and varied. We are backed up by a strong R&D Team with an embedded system and software. We also specialise in applying cutting edge Indian Defense technology into civilian applications. Aside from this, we are quick to install and manage large deployments. We also enable easy integration to third party applications such as ERP, IBMS and many other energy management systems.

What are the challenges that are involved in providing Phy-gital experiences to malls in India?

The first and foremost challenge is the lack of prior planning. Mall owners should make provision of adequate budget and infrastructure to incorporate technology products right at the beginning. Further, mall developers should adopt a scientific approach to data management. Footfall count data can be used by mall operations, marketing, security and all other teams for taking various decisions and this holistic approach to the investment and ROI needs users to effectively benefit from the change.

How fruitful are your solutions from a retailer/ mall perspective? Please elaborate in terms of revenue and footfalls generated.

Today’s mall management teams are gearing up with a professional approach towards operations. Footfall count data is automated and extensively gauged so malls can take quick action to remedy any shortcomings. Shopping malls and retailers study visitor count data to measure the rate of success and efficiency of store resources and brand.

Our solutions also help with the following:
– Management team gets accurate, reliable and timely footfall data.
– Enables speedy decision making process.
– ROI is well-achieved within a year of deployment.
– Performance indices & KPAs can be set using footfall data.
– Retail brands can plan as well measure ads & promos.
– Footfall data is available through a variety of business analytics.
– Real-time occupancy data can be used for energy management & building safety applications.