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Amoeba: Entertaining patrons from ages 3 to 80


The name Amoeba has become synonymous with family entertainment in India. The brand, which has taken the amusement industry to all the corners of India, is part of HM Leisure.

The parent company of Amoeba has been in the business of entertaining people for more than 35 years now. Amoeba itself is 19 years old and headquartered in Bengaluru.

The brand, which is present in even the most remote corners of India to enable people of all strata of society to experience entertainment, brand boasts of electro-mechanical pinball games, which are very rare in India as well as toy pickup machines and black-and-white TV games.

It caters to a huge segment of customers starting from toddlers to senior citizens to provide a complete family entertainment atmosphere with regular upgrades as per the existing trends in the market.

The Concept

Amoeba was started by brothers Hanif Siwani and Maheboob Siwani using funds of their own and with the vision to propel the country to find new avenues of entertainment to help families make joyous memories under one roof – a vision that still holds good today. The two decided to launch the brand at a time when India had only a handful of entertainment options. They have no other equity partners or franchise partners. USP The gaming service provider is very flexible in setting up operations as per mall requirements and offers a large variety of games to ensure that customers are not left wanting.

Amoeba, as a group, is a one-stop entertainment destination for patrons between the ages of 3 upto 80. There is something for everyone to take part in,then be they arcade games, bowling, playpens, 5D theaters, kiddie rides, a scary house and VR gaming. The capital requirement depends on the area and requirement of the location which can range between Rs 3-10 crore, and sometimes even more, depending upon the size and the selection of equipment.

Key Services

“As a capital investment business, understanding the pulse of a customer is key. One bad decision or a bad set of games can spell trouble from the word go. With our experience, we have been able to bring the best of video games, highest quality bowling alleys the world has to offer. To be mall ready, it’s about knowing what your customers will enjoy the most,” says Fuzail Siwani, Director, HM Leisure.

In keeping with this sentiment, the brand offers the following:

– A variety of redemption gifts at counters which always have latest&seasonal items on display
– An ideal mix of equipment as per the requirement of the location
– Regular events and offers for customers

Expansion Plans

Amoeba as a company intends to grow progressively, spreading its reach to most markets but in a staged manner. For now, Amoeba has entertainment zones in most Tier I & II cities, with the brand targeting to open more centres in the coming years.

“We is looking at all kinds of malls as part of our expansion plans, both large and small,which have the right mix of anchors and facilities along with a space for FECs. We are aggressively expanding in major cities and towns currently. Since the beginning, Amoeba has seen an upward trend. Over the years through trial and error, we have been able to pinpoint which way the trends swing. We have also noticed that with the growth of income of Indian families, the pattern of spends towards family entertainment is growing. Keeping trends and spends in mind, we work towards providing the right kind of entertainment so that we can continue to thrive in the business of spreading joy,” added Siwani.