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Raymond: Bitten by the travel bug


has recently broken away from its product-specific window to create a window scheme specific to customer lifestyle and the window is inspired by the season’s travel interest.

Raymond: Bitten by the travel bug

850 stores out of 1,000 stores showcase the window. The window features a large digital board emulating the flight schedule status board seen at airports. The sign board has a mechanism for the lights to fluctuate, while most other elements are print-based. The print-on-print element gives a 3D feel to the entire execution.

, Head – VM, Raymond, narrated to Indiaretailing, “From Raymond retail perspective, we sell apparel as well as fabric, the latter being the co-driver. Till about last season, we used to do very product specific window to introduce ranges, merchandises and new launches. This time we thought, how about creating a window specific to customer lifestyle? And, summer being the time to travel, our window aims to feature the lifestyle of a traveller. Linen and prints, being the key categories, our displays revolved around that. We have executed it at 850 stores, as the balance stores don’t have the provision to accommodate the window.”

Entire Investment: Rs 1.50 crore

Execution :

North – Positive Images, Visual Solution Inc, Lakshya Advertizing
South – CMYK Outdoor Solution, H2 Ads, Space Design Studio
West – Liberty Graphics, Adjunction Media, Creative Sign, Balaji Digital Image, Dot Digital
East – Shree Balaji Arts, Wonder Image