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Busters: Providing state-of-the-art entertainment and leisure zones to Indian malls


Brand Busters was conceived to be a full-fledged FEC offering in South India. The concept was created to introduce world class gaming, entertainment and leisure formats to the metro markets, and tap into the FEC potential of Tier II & III markets across India.

The brand was conceptualised in September 2016 and opened its first outlet in Mantra Mall in Hyderabad. After two years of settling in and establishing themselves as a favourite amongst consumer, Busters started their expansion journey in January 2018. Today, the brand has 4 operational centers and 6 are under fit-out, which are scheduled to open before August 2019. The average size of each outlet is about 14,000 sq. ft. The brand is a self-funded venture and the outlay so far is above Rs 100 crores.

The USP of Busters is:

– A wide choice of entertainment and leisure options
– Best value price plans
– Hi-tech, modern Equipment

“We have the latest gaming equipment with best video and sound technology. We offer a convenient pre-paid solution that is very easy to recharge, use, carries forward balance and can be used across all our centers. All this is done with the help of technology and which we are now upgrading to add more services for consumers,” says Aditya Konka, Business Head, Busters.

“We have a large pool of experienced technicians and a technology-based spares inventory management system. All equipment undergoes a weekly and check some even a daily check, to ensure all machines are in their best form and offer the best experience to the user. The response has been way beyond our expectations, and we are extremely thankful to our customers across various cities. We will continue to improve our offerings to enhance the overall experience for our customers,” he adds.

O2O Strategy

Aside from technology, Busters works hard towards creating a collaborative environment between online and offline.

“Currently we are working to develop synergies between online and offline gaming. We have some big plans to integrate the two in a meaningful way. Our model is to have an efficient center size with the right mix of equipment variety, and to constantly keep improving on these two factors with the progress of time,” says Abhishek Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, Busters.

Expansion Plans

The brand – which is currently a standalone facility – is on an aggressive expansion spree. It plans to open more than 14 operational centers by the end of this financial year with 4 more centres planned for launch by December 2019.

“As far as capital is concerned, there is a certain amount that has to be invested up-front to establish a brand and then there is a constant recurring expense in keeping it attractive, and this varies from market to market. Busters has been smart in this area, by stressing more on the other aspects that help create a brand, like choosing the best locations, having the latest equipment, giving the best hang-out experience and so on,” concludes Jain.