Home Retail Hub Creaticity brings kaleidoscope of colours

Creaticity brings kaleidoscope of colours


Pune’s one-stop home and living mall, has recently brought a VM installation made out of colour drop fabric chandeliers to make for their entrance visual scheme.

Creaticity brings kaleidoscope of colours

This larger than life chandelier structure is arguably the first of it’s kind with a height of 20 ft made with three massive metal rings of 15 ft, 11 ft and 7.5 ft respectively. 90 double bed-sheet length lycra fabric sheets have been used to depict the colours of the window. Taking their sensitive approach towards environment and sustainability, the chandelier has been kept energy efficient and eco-friendly. A total of 90 LED bulbs and 1,500 watts each have been used to illuminate the structure.

, Head – VM, Creaticity, explained the VM story, “The installation targets to capture the spirit of a rainbow as we are approaching monsoon season. Our core category of the campus being Home and Living, use of multiple colours suited. Also, each colour stands for various human joys like Red for adventure or the Violet for wisdom, Yellow of inspiration and Orange adds as the colour of joy. We encouraged our visitors and shoppers to click photos in the backdrop of their chosen colour or the colour that defines them the most!”

Investment: Rs 1.5 lakh (approx.)

Execution: Raj Graphics, Pune