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Ashish Thadani, CEO, Ciclo Cafe


Ashish Thadani knows what it takes to draw a crowd, good food is what we are talking about. An entrepreneur from the start, Thadani always had zeal to make it big in hospitality sector.

Today, he is the CEO of one of the most hyped and successful hospitality names in India. It all started with logistics sector, transporting steel from Hazira, Gujarat and moving into the auto logistics space in 1995 with DCM Daewoo, Tata Motors, M&M and Ford. The Chennai chapter began in 1999 where he handled Ford India’s complete outbound logistics platform.

Recognising the emergence in India of a rapidly growing tribe of urban, health conscious sports and food aficionados, Absolute Speciality joined hands in 2015 with TI Cycles, to create Ciclo Cafe, India’s first bicycling cafe.

Starting in Chennai, the cafe has become a landmark on the busy Kotturpuram Main Road, and the hub of a bustling cycling community. Ciclo Café reflects Thadani’s creativity and innovation that missions to bring all cyclist enthusiast and food lovers together.