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Holi Special: Expert recommended beauty rituals


It’s that time of the year when fragrant colour fills the air and a sense of gaiety is all around. With the festival of Holi upon us, we cannot help but agree to festive get-togethers. While you ponder on the clothes to wear, remember to prep your hair and skin in advance as gulal, water and the sun can wreak havoc. To help you look and feel your best, experts in the field of hair and skin to suggest some pointers…

4Adhuna Bhabani, Founder and Creative Director, BBLUNT

Pre-Holi prep your hair with a serum or leave-in conditioner. Apply from mid lengths to ends as it serves as a protective layer from the harmful chemicals in the colour or any surface damage. Avoid using oil as over-washing will result in dry and brittle hair. There is also a higher possibility of the powdered colour mixing with the oil.

Post-Holi, opt for cold water to rinse the colour off. Make sure never to use hot water to remove the colour as it will only end up solidifying it. Immediately shampoo and condition your hair with a special concoction of Keratin and Argan oil which is the ideal fix to repair your hair and help dry, damaged hair come back to life.

Don’t forget to apply a versatile product like BBLUNT Repair Remedy Leave in Cream or Climate Control Anti Frizz after your wash routine on the mid lengths to end of your hair to repair any surface damage.

3Agnes Chen, Technical Head, Streax Professional

To prep, generously apply deep conditioning oil, from roots to the tips of your hair. It is very important if you have light blonde or gold highlights. Do not leave your hair open. Select from a range of stylish braids, ponytails or buns.

Post the festivities, clean your hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner, and apply a few drops of serum. Alternatively, go for a nourishing hair spa.

2Shahnaz Husain, Chairperson and MD, Shahnaz Husain Group of Companies

Use chemical and mica free colours. Do not buy colours such as black, silver and dark yellow. Our range of Holi colours are gentle on the skin as they are made from drying and crushing flowers and even have a natural colour.

Apply sunscreen of SPF 20 or higher 20 minutes before you venture out. Also use a moisturiser.

1Sana Dhanani, Founder, The White Door

Invite the virtues of coconut oil to serve as a barrier between the skin and any chemical-laden colours, and also makes removing the colours a breeze once the after-party is done.

Opt for a raincheck on all forms of makeup. Sunscreen is an absolute essential to eliminate the possibility of sun damage caused by the harsh rays.

Your eyelashes are just as susceptible to damage, so, apply a few drops of olive oil as a natural conditioner and prevent any damage around the eyes.

Go for for a dark shade on your nails to prevent stains. As a precautionary measure, rub petroleum jelly on the fingertips to keep any pigments from getting stuck between the nail bed and the nail.

Once the festivities are done, opt for an exfoliating body scrub to weed out any toxins and perform a deep-cleanse of the pores. Follow up with a moisturiser to restore the skin’s hydration levels.