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Exploring professional journey of Art and Salon Director of Intershape Hair, Kobi Bokshish


Kobi Bokshish, Art and Salon Director at Intershape Hair in Australia, shares details of his professional journey with Salon India

Exploring professional journey of art and salon director of Intershape Hair, Kobi Bokshish

How did you get interested in hairdressing?

I was always inspired with hair and fashion. I grew up in a house with three older sisters and the effort they put into their looks and hair always inspired me. My first job was in my home country of Israel in a very small salon.

What courses have you done and from where?

I am a self taught hairdresser, however later in my career I have visited the prestigious Sassoon Academy in London.

Did you have a mentor?

My biggest mentor is God. I find comfort in spirituality and this allows me to express my creativity and never be scared. My top three hairdressing mentors, however, are Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, and my very close friend, Robert Lobetta.

What were the challenges that you faced?

I would not like to call them challenges, but in the first year of my career, I had few moments where I questioned myself about what I was doing and why I was doing it. The hours were so long and there was little money.

What is your forté as a renowned hairstylist?

It is precision cutting.

What are you currently responsible for?

So much, but I love it! I am the Art and Salon Director of my salon, Intershape Hair in Sydney, Australia; my own Kobi&Co shows and education; production of two to three collections every year; my Ecoheads brand that is dedicated to conserving our environment and introducing to our industry more environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future. Ecoheads features innovative and exclusive products designed for hairdressing professionals; I am a part of the MATRIX Design Team and involved with their shows and education; and also the proud ambassador for Amazing Hair Australia, Glampalm and Excellent Edges.

Please tell us about your experience at TCT Awards.

It was such an incredible and overwhelming experience! I was humbled to be honoured with this amazing award, especially alongside the other phenomenal finalists. The moment I received the trophy my entire career of 25 years came flooding back to me. In that moment I realised that the hard work put in had been worth it.

What inspires you to create your hair looks?

Everything inspires me! Anything from the natural beauty of nature, music, people and art.

How did you prepare yourself and the team for creating new hair looks for TCT and in general?

The process of creating new hair looks or collections involves many professional gatherings and meetings with my team, and numerous hours of research and experiments. Preparation for any collection begins months in advance.

What are your favourite tools and products?

For professional colour, I use and recommend MATRIX; Amazing Hair Australia is an incredible hair extension brand that allows me to mould and shape my hair designs to my heart’s content, GlamPalm for thermal tools, and my scissors are from Excellent Edges.

What is your advice for those who want to join the hairdressing industry?

Be prepared to work hard and as long as you do not give up, the possibilities are endless!

What is a normal day in Kobi Bokshish’s life?

Creating beautiful hair, being with my family and travelling for MATRIX to create more beautiful hair!

What are your future plans?

Keep grinding and achieving.

What are your views on India’s hair dressing industry?

After living in India for 12 months, 20 years ago, I have a very strong emotional connection to this amazing country. I have been watching the progress in the Indian hairdressing community and the future definitely looks bright.