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Top Trends: Nail art gets a fresh coat


Sana Dhanani, Founder of The White Door in Mumbai decodes the hottest trends in nail art, colours to go for, nail care tips, and more, with Salon India

Prediction for 2019

Beads and embellishments: This trend is here to stay. We will see a lot of textured colours by means of different hues being blended together with textured surfaces.

Jelly nails: These have influenced pretty washes of see-through colour on nails.

Metallic: Gold or silver accents over sheer colour, such as encapsulated items using a gold leaf, foil or metal shapes add a chic, yet subtle interest to an otherwise subdued look.

Reverse French manicure: This trend looks great in any colour, but when you add a half-moon of shimmery silver close to the cuticles and a lavender accent on the tips, it is an instant upgrade.

Gold accent: A golden take on the classic plaid pattern definitely makes nails look super-fancy, suitable for festive times.

Colours to pick: Shimmery colours in pink and warm neutrals, metallic gold and silver, lilac, coral, pastel hues and glossy black.

Nail services offered at The White Door

Essentially Yours Whitening Manicure and Pedicure: It is a tan removal scrub which helps your skin recover from sun damage with de-tanning treatments like sugar scrub to even out your skin, a mask to get rid of the tan and orange balm to relax and moisturise.

Grandma’s Anti-ageing Manicure and Pedicure: Stress, sun exposure, dryness, and other factors, often result in wrinkles and fine lines. One can eliminate them with our age-defying treatments. The Grandma’s Secrets is a especially curated menu which uses natural ingredients like raw coffee, cacao powder and cinnamon to rehydrate the skin and makes it look younger and healthier.

Bespoke Nail Art Services: From extensions and overlays to refills and flawless fixes, The White Door offers a variety of bespoke nail art services. There are all kinds of nail art available for every personality. Add a bit of quirkiness, a spot of sophistication, a sprinkle of bling and one can customise their own design, too. The White Door’s ultimate collection of nail art products comes with glittering gold, sparkly Swarovski crystals, ultra-cool chrome nails and especially curated bridal designs.

Brands and products offered: Essentially Yours, Aromatherapy Associates and specially curated Grandma’s Secrets menu, which comprises of natural ingredients like Calamine Clay, Lemon peel powder, Green Tea, Red Sandalwood powder, and more are products used. Apart from these, OPI and Cuccio nail polishes are used as they give a long-lasting nail colour and shine to one’s nails. LeChat and EMI products offer a high-pigment and lacquer-based nail paints used for the bespoke nail art services.

Things to do

Using cuticle oil regularly is the best way to soften the surrounding area and prevent hangnails. Nail tools should be cleaned and sterilised meticulously and nail files should be replaced regularly to prevent bacteria and microbes from colonising. Applying a clear coat or regular polish on the nails actually helps keep them moisturised and prevents splitting. Keep your guest list germ-free by keeping your feet covered when outdoors.

Things to avoid

Polish removers, freezing temperatures, and other external factors can dry out nails. One manicure no-no that you should not overlook is cuticle cutting, even if it is done by a professional. Your cuticles act as a barrier against bacteria, protecting you from infection.

Pro tip: Good nail care is fairly simple. Keep them clean, dry, polished and shaped. Follow the rules of basic hygiene to have beautiful and healthy nails for life.