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What Is My IP Tool: Helps You To Know Your IP Address


The two letters which we see on various places “IP” stands for Internet Protocol. A protocol is a set of regulations governing how things work according to the technological point of view. So, when used in a network communication context, an internet protocol shows how data packages move through a network.

You do not have to know the details of what an IP is, to operate network devices. For instance, your laptop uses an IP address, but you do not have to deal with any of its technical sides to make your device work.

However, knowing about your IP can be very helpful. The way I get to know information regarding my internet protocol is through “what is my IP” tool. You can easily get access to this tool online.

How Having Information About IP Address Can Be Beneficial For You?

When you open the tool, you without making any effort sees your IP address along with other relevant details. These details include the name of country, city, latitude, longitude, origin, and time zone, etc.

You might be surprised to read this that IP address can benefit you in so many different ways. Some of them are explained below.

Grow Your Webpage 

Every website aims desire for success, and it comes through growth and resulting better in search engine results page which is the primary goal in this field. You also might not want to see your site appearing on the second or third page of any search engine.
What is my IP tool can allow you to make your page appear on very top whenever the visitors look-up anything related to your page. Some of you may have gone through a term named “Backlinks.” These are links which are visible on other pages but lead towards your site whenever clicked.

Increasing the number of such links is an effective way to improve your ranking. However, even raising the number of Backlinks can become a tough task. For example, if you keep uploading these links from a single IP address, then you will not find any progress.

Hence, checking and changing the IP addresses before adding Backlinks will allow your hard work not to go in vain.

Keep Yourself Away From Law Enforcement 

Fraud investigators along with law enforcement use several online tools to look at the IP address of the person who is hosting any illegal activity. You might be one of those people who freely share password of wireless internet with everyone. If any person performs an illegal operation using your network, it will not harm him, but you and you will be the one answering for that action.

Knowing your IP can allow you to see people connected to your network and when you find a lot of people connected, you can restart your device or change the passcode. Telling the password to only a few trusted people will keep you on a safer side.

Solve Computer Errors 

You might have gone through a situation when your device starts giving an IP conflict error. You may try to trace the problem and waste time in solving it. You may also take your system to an expert and have to pay a considerable amount.
But to be honest, that error can be resolved by changing your Ipv4 address all you need is a little knowledge about that which you can get on various websites.

Improved Internet Speed 

Speedy net has become essential now, and a slow internet speed may slow down your entire schedule. When you allow many people to connect to your network, the internet speed gets slower.

They may pass your code to others which might negatively impact the speed further. As earlier cited with the aid of Internet protocol address you can see the number of persons connected. It can allow you to reduce the number of people and make your internet work faster.

Stay Anonymous From Websites  

Websites on the internet keep an eye on the visitors through their IP addresses especially the social networks. If there is a social site suggested by some friend and you are not sure about visiting it, then you can easily mask your IP address. To be sure if your IP address has changed you can check it by https://smallseotools.com/what-is-my-ip/ . Visiting a site from a different IP address will keep your identity hidden from them.