Home Retail Identifeye’s multi-camera heatmap solution provides in-depth insights into visitor behaviour

Identifeye’s multi-camera heatmap solution provides in-depth insights into visitor behaviour


Identifeye Solutions is a provider of cutting-edge technology like People Counting, Queue Management, Heat Mapping and Staff Elimination that cater to numerous industry verticals.
The brand’s customer behavior analytics help businesses boost conversions, increase profits and optimize operations in their physical locations.

Identifeye's multi-camera heatmap solution provides in-depth insights into visitor behaviour

New Technologies Introduced

Ayush Jain, Co-Founder, Identifeye Solutions explains, “Our Multi camera Heatmap solution provides in-depth insights into visitor behaviors. It provides a map view where you can create multiple zones and receive counts and dwell time for each zone as well as visitor flow. With the Visitor Flow analysis, you can track ever customer from the moment they enter your location to the moment they exit.”

“With our new MAG (Mood/Age/Gender) Recognition technology, you can categorise the visitors on grounds of gender, age and status. Knowing the demographic profile of the customers is an important variable to provide better services. This data allows you to enhance customers’ engagement level by offering them the right products and keeping your stocks up-to-date for the needs of your diverse customer base. One can change signage in real-time according to the mood of visitors to boost conversions and optimise the design of your location as well as choosing assortments as per visitors demographics,” adds Puneet Jhawar, Co-Founder, Identifeye Solutions.

Benefits of Identifeye

A multinational electronic company wanted to effectively count and understand traffic in various locations. Simultaneously, the solution needed to provide data for cross referencing with sales data to project conversion rates with high accuracy. In addition, they hoped for a versatile tool to compare store performances, monitor marketing effectiveness as well as employee productivity.

“Our platform allowed the company to analyze the relevant KPI’s for retail success. The data interpreted into actionable insights which allowed the management team to allocate staffing in peak hours.

With the Heatmap device, the company effectively measured the total occupancy level within the stores, most visited areas along with customer time spent in various zones. Since the installment of the 3D Alpha+ Devices in-store conversion rates have increased over 5 percent in all stores,” said Jhawar.

Retail Tech Trends That Ruled the Roost in 2018

Omnichannel experience was all the buzz in 2018. “Customers are looking for easier and more enjoyable shopping experiences no matter the medium.

Shopping is changing with the introduction of different platforms along with imposed rules of the new ‘experience economy. In a world where online stores are moving to become brick-and-mortar destinations, it is impossible to succeed with the old rule book. Retailers need to think like technology businesses. They need to re-organise their IT to ensure their business interactions – with customers, partners, and wider ecosystems – are as seamless as possible,” states Jain.

What does 2019 have in store for brands?

“The focus is to consistently develop our BIP with AI and Machine Learning tools. We’re moving towards traffic and stock predictions by understanding the effect of seasonal changes and holiday periods on store efficiency and visitor experience. We will be able to estimate per shift and per hour the number of staff per visitor, giving you an overall view of your staffing status. Thanks to Computer Automated Tips, we ensure a day-to-day right staff allocation for an optimum performance, by letting you know when more or less staff is needed.

We will also be able to predict the incoming traffic for stores along with the stock the retailer needs to keep. This would help retailers pre plan their marketing and operation strategies,” concludes Jhawar.