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Timezone gets bigger at Phoenix Market City Kurla


Timezone is a popular entertainment venture for kids, Millennials and adults when it comes to virtual and arcade gaming. Founded in 1978, Timezone is a leading Family Entertainment Centre chain in the Asia Pacific region, known for delivering entertainment and educational concepts that provide a social experience filled with exciting interactive games, rides, attractions and learning experiences in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

Timezone gets bigger at Phoenix Market City Kurla
The facility is spread over 14,000 sq.ft on the first level of the mall

The brand internationally operates over 200 locations across seven countries and has its head office in Singapore. As a part of its expansion, it is entering new Tier II & III cities in India and has recently renovated many of its existing venues in the metro cities of Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Ever since its launch at the Phoenix Market City, Kurla, due to its unique gaming options for all age groups, there has been a continuous demand for adding more space, games and entertainment to the center.

The Timezone management, understanding the need of the hour, came up with a brand-new store to complement the existing one. With its new positioning #NextGenTimezone, this venue is all set to lure kids, teens, corporates and families.

The sporting arena is spread over an area of 14,000 sq. ft on the first level of the mall. With larger space, the excitement has also doubled with innumerable, never-seen-before rides, interactive arcade games, irresistible offers and prizes. #NextGenTimezone follows the brand’s international standards of quality and safety norms along with lit signages and a unique sky grid lighting to enhance the store layout. All in all, the wholesome entertainment area promises an adrenaline rush to all visitors.

Their ‘Play More, Win More’ mantra allows players to win points and collect tickets which give them more play time plus the opportunity to encash the tickets for gifts from the brand’s shop.

Talking about the new, bigger Timezone, Abbas Jabalpurwala, CEO, Timezone Entertainment said, “We are grateful and thrilled with the love we have received from our patrons at Phoenix Market City. We have built this larger space with more games and an overall exciting ambience on public demand. We strongly believe in creating experiences and would continue to entertain and enthrall all visitors.”

Concept Games

The family entertainment centre is loaded with varied concepts and games.  Few of the new games/ rides include the following:

Bowling: Timezone has revamped bowling into a family activity and allows families and friends to compete among themselves. The brand offers lightweight balls, kid-friendly bowling lanes, innovative score chart and attractive colour themes that makes the whole bowling game lot of fun. Great music and lounging space add to the whole experience making it a ‘must do’ while there.

Krazee Whirl: These dodging cars have LED illumination at the base and dual joysticks to make people spin and dash. Unlike a normal bumper car, Timezone makes this bumping car- racing arena more joyous for all to steer, accelerate and compete while dashing your friends and family.

Virtual Rabbit: With special Oculus and attractive cabinet, Virtual Rabbit takes you on an adventure ride where you get to experience the thrill, jerk and bump of an actual ride, though only virtually. It’s a ride you can’t afford to miss if you are an adventure junkie. To maintain hygiene standards, Timezone provides sanitised eye masks to players before the ride begins.

Willy Wonka Chocolate Fctory: Just like the way fictional confectioner Willy Wonka was adored in the book, Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory at Timezone is loved by all. This game is extremely popular in other countries where kids and adults alike queue up outside Timezone even before it opens and win innumerable prizes, and the excitement is catching on in India.

Reball Target Shooting: This game is similar to paintball target shooting, wherein players have to hit the bottle with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules that break upon impact. Unlike paintball, one does not have to play with any competitor but must hit the bottle to win prizes. It is an enjoyable experience and players can win many tickets.

Interactive VR Wall: Timezone is getting augmented wall climbing for the first time in India, the video of which has gone viral on all social media platforms. Players can play virtual ping pong or spark on the climbing wall alone. This game is suited for people of all ages.

Ping Pong: This is a tad different. For once, you don’t need to coerce your sibling or friend to be your opponent in the game as arcade Table Tennis can be played alone. As the game session starts, lightweight balls are thrown in the direction of the player which he must hit back using small rackets to win tickets.