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How SPAR Hypermarket is revolutionizing grocery shopping in India


SPAR India is part of the Landmark Group, a multinational conglomerate involved in retailing of apparel, footwear, consumer electronics, cosmetics and beauty products, home improvement and baby products. SPAR Hypermarkets came about as a license agreement between the Dubai-based Landmark Group’s Max Hypermarkets India Pvt. Ltd. and SPAR International. Today, the brand has 23 stores spread across India.

How SPAR Hypermarket is revolutionizing grocery shopping in India

SPAR Hypermarkets’ customers are family consumption groups with both value as well as aspirational needs. They range from the affluent segments to the pure value-seeking segments. The majority of customers belong to the 25+ age group. There is a healthy mix of demographics and age groups that visit the stores.

SPAR’s mission has always been to be a hypermarket that is known for value and differentiation.

Let’s take a look, how the brand is revolutionizing grocery shopping in India:-

Effective Technology Application

SPAR Hypermarket has the future of shopping in-store with the SPAR S2 innovations like:

Design Your Home Studio – Customers can mix and match home décor products virtually and visualize how it would look in their home.

Kids’ Pad – Entertains kids with interesting games and interactive displays.

Self-assist Kiosks – Installed at key locations in-store to help customers find products with ease.

Self-Checkout Kiosks – Where customers can pay their own bills without hassle.

Energy Management – SPAR monitors and tracks electricity consumption of equipment with a tracking system.

Shop Floor Assistance Mobility App – Provides easy and quick information on stock availability.

Suppliers Relation

SPAR’s operating model relies on an efficient supply chain and robust relationships with suppliers to ensure an appealing value proposition for retailers at acceptable wholesale margins. The scale of its logistics and distribution system provides suppliers with substantial volumes and scale at reduced operating costs.

The high volumes handled at its distribution centers ensure a spread of fixed costs that translate into reduced unit costs. Joint business planning with the suppliers encourages vertical coordination and efficiency, and the brand has identified a number of cost-reduction opportunities like backhauling and one-way loads, optimal buying and supply chain mapping.

Employee Relations

SPAR actively promotes and helps its employees to undergo rigorous training and let them update at every level. The brand has lot of award-winning programs like SPAR Passport and Samman, Lakshya programs for inducing and fostering a healthy and competitive work environment. It also conducts monthly town hall meetings in which the best performer from each department is given an award and cheered on from everyone. The brand also has on-the-spot thank you cards and other cards through which the employees can thank others who have helped them in their work.

Marketing/ Consumer Promotions

SPAR has done a mega campaign – Season of Joy. Through the campaign, the brand wanted to spread joy amongst the 7,200 children from SOS Children’s Village, India, during Christmas. The brand wanted the customers to be a Santa Claus to those children and make them feel special, send them some love and blessings and encourage them to dream.

SPAR has initiated the campaign ‘Celebrate India’ celebrating every festival in India across the country. Through this concept, it celebrates the cultural heritage, geographical diversity, multiple languages, colorful fairs, and festivals, various cuisines, and lifestyles that make India the Amphitheatre of LIFE.


SPAR India has been at the forefront of innovation. SPAR’s true innovation has been the Digital Kiosk which has been installed in one of the biggest technology parks – Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru and has been successful in delivering a unique and easy shopping experience. The Digital Kiosk has a simple and easy to use shopping touch screens through which a customer can access the complete virtual hypermarket and order and get same day delivery. Located in one of the largest tech parks in Bangalore, the first digital kiosk has been a great hit.