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Adel Sajan, Director, Danube Group


Born in a visionary family, the son of Danube Group Founder and CEO Rizwan Sajan, Adel learnt his ropes at a very young age, the hard way. Starting at the tender age of 13 years and in his words “When my father’s tie used to come to my knees”, Adel worked his way up understanding different nuances and dynamics of the business on the job. Learning the ropes while still studying at the American University of Sharjah, he first set up the chandelier division at Danube Build Mart, subsequently venturing into newer product portfolios for the company in the home furnishing space.

Watching his father handle the business with ingenuity, hard work, unquenchable passion and single-minded purpose was a learning he couldn’t have received anywhere else. These same qualities he has imbibed and internalised to take Danube to unprecedented heights in the short span of time he’s been managing the company.

Having studied in prestigious schools through his growing up years, he was always well loved and lauded by his teachers and professors for his academic achievements.

By pursuing a Double Major in Finance and Marketing from the American University of Sharjah, he further cemented his life’s goal to use his education and business acumen to expand his family business empire.

As a young, enigmatic, passionate entrepreneur, Adel was always driven by the need to take Danube to unprecedented heights. Infusing the company with new ideas and fresh perspectives, his youthful, flamboyant mark can be seen across the company. His business acumen and flair for modern omni-channel retail strategies, as well as scaling and partnership strategies, have made a significant mark ever since he took over the reins of Danube Home a few years ago.

Acutely aware of the fact that he has big shoes to fill, Adel has always maintained his father’s emphasis on there being “ no shortcut to success’, and how “constant hard work chisels a man into a winner”.

UAE’s interiors and furnishings space is a highly acclaimed industry, constantly evolving and on-point with global markets and designer trends. It is this aspect that Adel wants to build on and leverage when it comes to Danube. The Chandelier, Bath and Garden division that he has fronted over the last few years showcase his remarkable touch, from products selection to the use of cutting-edge technology and exploration of new avenues.

Adel believes that work and play go hand in hand. He never shies away from taking risks, pursuing a different path and throwing up new ideas. In his unique quirky way he summaries his life in one sentence – “I’m not an actor, but my life is a movie”.