FusionResto: A new dimension for India’s food & restaurant industry

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RanceLab® is a one stop- destination to shop for Restaurant Software and POS hardware products meant for the restaurant industry. Established in 1996 and having presence in India, South-east Asia, Middle-east and Africa, RanceLab has been servicing the food and hospitality industry with specialized services since then. With a record of more than 35,000 successful installations in 40+ countries, the award winning FusionResto software offers solution to multiple formats for food businesses, such as, dine-in, takeaway, home delivery, food courts, sweets shop, cafe, bakery, lounge, bars, club, remote kitchen and more. The use of software can effectively help restaurateurs manage all aspects of their business efficiently. It helps in increasing sales and repeat business rate upto 33 percent. It also helps decreasing the theft and pilferage by 4 percent.
Impact on Food Courts in Shopping Malls
Food courts in India are a major source of attraction for the public. Shopping centres are not just merely space for retail stores. Within shopping centres, the F&B sector is carving a niche for itself. When we talk about shopping centres, the thing that pops in our mind apart from the retail stores is the food court. Food courts are a major source of attraction for the public, something that keeps them coming back again and again. Something this integral needs special attention. When we think food courts, we picture the crowd and the demand in order to handle them efficiently and quickly. That’s where we need stable technology to back us up. Technology reshapes the way the restaurant industry functions today. RanceLab® FusionResto comes with integrated tools that makes managing restaurant operations look easy.
FusionResto offers a host of services for the food industry:
End-to-end ERP: FusionResto is an end-to-end ERP that takes care of your business, small or large, individual or chain. It has point of sale, food costing, menu engineering, inventory, accounts, loyalty program, payroll, supply chain, promotions, analytics and chain outlet management.
Mobile POS: The main advantage of mobile POS technology is the ability to order from the table. Customers discover a whole new way of eating because servers accept orders directly from the table. No more paper and it works from fixed point-of-sale terminals.
With POS mobile technology, orders can be processed from anywhere on the floor. Servers can easily manage on-site orders and suggest the introduction of items and special offers when placing orders. It’s a winwin situation for everyone as customers are always aware of the best options and businesses will sell better. With a mobile point of sale, bringing hot dishes to the table is faster than ever.Once the order has been placed, it will automatically be sent to the kitchen. Orders are expedited and clearly communicated as soon as they are created for faster service.
Servers can even accept credit card or mobile payments directly at the table for faster payment. With mobile POS, wait times are halved. Customers feel safe, as everything is done in front of their eyes, getting exactly what they asked for until the last specific request.
Mobile Reports: With reports on the phone, the restaurateurs are never far from the restaurant. They have access to real-time reports and he doesn’t have to rely on anyone for the reports. A point-of-sale system provides access to reports about profits, number of customers, average checks, sales per hour / day of the week, and so on. One can track information about customers, categories, products, or payment methods. One can also analyse daily and monthly reports and know which products or what day of the week will report the highest and lowest income statistics and improvements in the future.
Kitchen Display System (KDS): KDS implements an optimization of the operations in the kitchen. With KDS, orders are automatically sent to the kitchen display. When the food is ready, the chef clicks a button and the server for the order is informed. This saves times and reduces cost as you don’t need to deploy extra staff either.
Customer Feedback: Using technology to gather feedback and improving the restaurant operations in real time is what restaurateurs are constantly working towards. If you look into complaints in real time, and resolve it, customers are much less likely to post negative things about the restaurant online.
Home Delivery: Research shows that about 69 percent of consumers order food online via mobile devices. Having an app increase the restaurant sales, as it provides an easy way of ordering for customers. It also increases the efficiency of the staff and eliminates any human errors. Moreover as customers order online – there will be fewer employees handling phone orders and they can focus on customer service.
FusionResto: A new dimension for India’s food & restaurant industryThe mobile technology has a significant impact on the operation of the restaurant. The restaurant industry also has a higher growth rate than other aspects. In the restaurant industry, technology has developed rapidly over the last few years. Today technology is not merely limited to taking orders; it helps restaurants in good productivity, sales and customer service.
RanceLab® FusionResto stands as the most trusted solution in the F&B industry. Backed with robust security and easy to use interface, it streamlines the restaurant operations and brings efficiency to all the processes.

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