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Butt Implant: Cosmetic Treatment recommended by Dr Viral Desai,


Buttock Implant as an aesthetic procedure is creating quite a buzz. Salon India speaks exclusively with , Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon, DHI India and CPLSS, to understand the process and technology used

About: Buttock augmentation or butt implant involves the surgical insertion of artificial body implants into a patient’s buttocks to create a larger and shapely rear end.

Process and technology: Butt implants made of semi-solid silicone are inserted through an incision in the fold beneath each buttock cheek and placed between the muscle and the bone. The size of the implants will depend on your body shape and desired fullness. Using silicone implants can add significant dimension and contour to your backside and smoothen out the skin. They can fill the void of lax skin and reduce cellulite by stretching out the skin.

USP: This is a popular plastic surgery procedure among those who wish to enhance the appearance, shape, and size of their rear ends. Patients who have underdeveloped buttocks can now achieve a more proportionate figure with it. Women who wish to achieve an hour glass figure or are unhappy with the size of their buttocks can benefit from butt implants.

Teamed with other treatments: Many doctors combine fat grafting with implants but, I would definitely not perform both at the same time. Fat graft survival will depend on having maximum blood flow to keep the fat cells alive. If you place an implant at the same time, the amount of blood flowing to the areas of fat placement is diminished as the blood vessels are cut while inserting implants. Also, the pressure from the butt implants will diminish the amount of blood flow to the fat grafts.

Time take for the treatment: Usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

Educating clients: During the consultation, the surgeon will discuss with the patient about their need and expectations to get a better understanding of the results they are hoping to see, post-surgery. Patient will be asked about the texture and shape she is looking for. It is important to remember that butt size should be in proportion to the body shape. Personal preferences need to be considered to decide upon the best size.

Side-effects: Potential side-effects are rare under the skilled and experienced hands of a buttock implant surgeon. However, every surgery involves few risks and complications. Surgical risks include infection, bleeding, nerve and/or muscle damage, slippage and asymmetry.

Pre-treatment measures: As with most procedures, one needs to have a blood test done. You will be required to stop smoking and not consume alcohol three days prior to the surgery day. Avoid taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs, as it can increase bleeding.

Post-treatment measures: Patients are suggested to consume medication as directed by their doctor. Do not lay flat on your butt. Keep your back elevated on two to three pillows or on a recliner for the first 48 to 72 hours. Also, support your knees with piloows. For at least two weeks, do not sit directly on your buttock for extended period of time. Do not lift weight for at least three weeks. Do not exercise until advised by the doctor.

Future: Butt implants have become popular in the past few years as people are influenced by models, actresses and their enhanced derriere. For instance, pop icon Jennifer Lopez is equally known for her songs and her hour glass figure achieved with the help of butt implants. While Indian women and men have a sizeable butt, yet with so much exposure to the western culture, changing body shapes and the desire to look more attractive, they are exploring cosmetic opportunities. The future for butt implants is positive and may grow further as people become aware about enhancement procedures to improve their overall persona.