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How SCICO is helping FMCG companies to relaunch their brands


Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company () believes in building businesses. The founder of understands that building a business is more important than building sales. Focus only on hardcore sales has been known to put companies into serious trouble. Policies adopted to push sales only build up inventories that, sooner or later, start to back-fire. If the company is not serious it will pack its bags but if it is serious then the next course of action is to re-launch.

How SCICO is helping retailers to re-lauch their brand

Re-launching should be done with a proper plan in place. It can, at times, be extremely frustrating esp. when you have to go to the same place and the market is opposing. SCICO can take this frustration out by helping you with meticulous planning and execution. According to Vijay Sokhi, the key to success of a brand is implementation. The irony is that when it comes to implementation even the best of brains falter. It is because they just cannot predict how the consumer will behavior.

How SCICO is helping retailers to re-lauch their brandDuring re-launch, businesses have to be synchronized in such a way that the chances of success are increased. If you fumble for the second time, then the next time- if you launch at all- will be like climbing a mountain. There are very few who have the ability to keep on relaunching till the time the consumers buy the idea that the brand champions.

Therefore it is best to take advice from an expert. Vijay Sokhi brings with him a wide array of experience where he has helped companies in getting out of a muddle. Not getting right the first time does not mean that you are full of errors.

How SCICO is helping retailers to re-lauch their brandAccording to him, “if you have the right product that is addressing the right need of the consumer then you will become a strong player in the industry that you want to compete in”.

The beauty of doing the same work a second time is that you will not repeat the same old mistake. But there is always a possibility of making a new mistake. SCICO has crafted two unique products that can be of great help to you when you are in the process of re-launch. The first product Sharp’s Map Tap Adapt helps you in laying down the path; the second product Sharp’s Pentagon helps in implementation.

Map Tap Adapt is a technique that in mapping the market, creating inroads to tap the potential that the market has and adapting to ever changing market dynamics. Sharp’s Pentagon is all about the interaction between the consumer and the product. It emphasizes on the core part, which is – how the consumer will interact with the product after purchase. This is the game changer.

How SCICO is helping retailers to re-lauch their brandThe amount of stress that goes in handling relaunching a product could be tiring. It is time that you must seek insights form someone who has the right perspective and who will take out all the stress. SCICO, with the above two tools, can act as a catalyst to your business. This will, in turn, help in creating a business that runs smoothly.