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Amazing Jewelry looking for franchise partner to enter India


Danish jewellery chain, , has been creating the H&M and Zara of fine jewellery.

Amazing Jewlry looking for franchise partner to enter India
What makes Amazing Jewelry stand apart from the crowd is its affordability

Elaborating on its journey, , Founder, Amazing Jewelry says, “Amazing is a new vision that I had almost two years ago and vision of the brand is to give the affordable jewellery to the Millennials.”

He adds, “We launched this brand as there is still a lot of opportunity in the space. There is no brand in the jewellery industry that is talking to the Millennials, trying make stores attractive for the young girls to come and have a look. And pricing is also an issue in the jewellery indusrty. Amazing is significantly more affordable than any other jewellery brand.”

What makes Amazing Jewelry stand apart from the crowd is its affordability.

According to Nielsen, “All the products in our stores are priced between US $10-100. And for jewellery it is very affordable. Secondly, how we chose to place our stores at the apt locations – only in good malls and high-streets and giving an unmatched experience to cutomers is also an added advantage. I truely believe that if you want to survive as a retail brand going forward, you have to have a store that entertains your audience in a way that come back again.”

The brand tries to keep the costing low by eliminating the middle-man. The jewellery is taken directly from the factory and put into the stores. All Amazing Jewelry is made at standalone stores around the world.

“At present we are present in 12 different markets. This year, we plan to add 35 new market to the Amazing family and we will be opening more then 100 stores in 2018,” states Nielsen.

He adds, “Since we are a company that looks to move fast, we made a decision in the beginning that to go ahead with franchising model.We look forward to grow faster in the business than to have high profits for ourselves and apart from this we are also running our own stores. At present, we have master franchise rights with us for USA and Germany and rest of world is on the franchise-based.”

The brand is eyeing to enter the Indian market soon as it believes the country has a huge potential.

“India is the coming market. We all are very excited about India at the moment as there is a huge population. We are loking to find the right master franchisee partner for India. We are very well placed around India. We have partners in China. We will not be opening our own stores here in India. This market is too specific. You need to have a deep knowledge about the local market, about the local things that are going on here like rentals, the people working in this sector,” states Nielsen.

The brand introduces new collection every third week. All the jewellery of the brand is handcrafted and have hand set stones.

“We do not compromise on the quality but we have found a model to put the products to the store in a fast way with having all the new trends. We have a very stort period to receive the trends and bring it to our stores,” reveals Nielsen.

“Five years from now we are looking forward to have 1,000 stores in more than 100 countries. Every mall, every high-street in the world should carry an Amazing store,” he concludes.