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Dhiraj Jain, Global Vertical Head, Retail and Consumer Goods, Tech Mahindra


What according to you are the three biggest/most important changes happening in the world of technology?

Blockchain/Cybersecurity/AI/ML/ IoT/ Robotics/Analytics.

How do you think these changes will impact Indian retail?

Consumers demand hyper-personalisation and instant gratifi cation. Brand loyalty is a lost concept for most brands in the retail space and the only way to regain that loyalty is through compelling experiences across channels.

What are the 3 game changing technologies in the space of customer experience?

Computer vision / Cashier-less self-checkout/ Evolved supply chain

Top 3 challenges retailers will face from a Technology point of view in India?

– Speed – The time-to-market taken for identified technology transformation programs will have significant impact on the business outcomes
– Cutting through the noise – Picking the right opportunities having the quickest and highest Return of Investment will become a very critical factor in gaining mindshare and recall.
– Delivering compelling experiences to differentiate and regain loyalty of consumers will be critical to create a competitive retail brand.

How is IoT shaping up the industry? Tell us about the role and significance of IoT in your company?

’s expertise in IoT makes us an ideal partner for Enterprise customers across all domains in their Digital Transformation journey. IoT has the potential to transform every aspect of retailing right from Smart Stores that manage energy, customer experience etc. to Smart Supply chains that manage warehouses, last mile delivery etc.

Your top 3 favourite retail technologies, which you would like to introduce in India?

Computer vision/ Artificial Intelligence/ Blockchain