Home CIO Special Gurpreet Singh Bhatia, CEO, Reliance Vision Express Pvt Ltd.

Gurpreet Singh Bhatia, CEO, Reliance Vision Express Pvt Ltd.


What according to you are the three biggest/ most important changes happening in the world of technology?

Artificial intelligence/ Digitisation & integration of supply chain/ Ever reducing delivery time for customers aided by technology.

How do you think these changes will impact Indian retail?

In e-commerce, the customer wants faster deliveries and some retailers are able to rise to this requirement. Importance of an integrated Omnichannel strategy has been understood and is visible in the market. Technology will facilitate all this services.

What are the 3 game changing technologies in the space of customer experience?

Customer service has become hygiene for the industry. The next challenge for Indian retail is to customize experience, which can be solved to a larger extent by AI. Also quick delivery time to ensure quicker customer gratification will be a game changer for many retailers. Smoother and cohesive supply chains are any retailers imperative.

What are the top priorities for you in the coming years you as CIO of the company/ brand?

To ensure that all digital channels are explored and come up with a robust digital infrastructure that will optimize the brands interaction with her customers.

Top 3 challenges retailers will face from a Technology point of view in India?

To ensure, Internet reach in the entire country. Also, underlying an apprehension to the usage of technology in daily lives by customers could be immediate concerns.

What would success look like for you in a couple of years in terms of the company and technology?

The optical industry has just become interesting and is growing in leaps and bounds. I am confident Vision Express will come out ahead of all in a few years.

Your top 3 favourite retail technologies, which you would like to introduce in India?

AI augmentation in apparel stores/ Unmanned checkouts.