Home CIO Special Arun Kumar, Director IT, Benetton India Pvt Ltd.

Arun Kumar, Director IT, Benetton India Pvt Ltd.


What according to you are the three biggest/most important changes happening in the world of technology?


How do you think these changes will impact Indian retail?

These technologies will help retailers to understand the customer behavior better and trend predictions will become more accurate.

What are the top priorities for you in the coming years you as CIO of the company/ brand?

To implement and make use of these technologies to serve customer better.

Top 3 challenges retailers will face from a Technology point of view in India?

To find a right vendor equipped with right technology and business understanding. To ensure adaptation of these technology and make best use of it.

How is IoT shaping up the industry? Tell us about the role and significance of IoT in your company?

IoT is playing a very significance role in retail industry. There are hundreds of data points which support the retailers to understand the customer behavior, the product movement, efficient supply chain, better inventory management and many more use cases.