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Sunil Agarwal, Director, Vinod Cookware


The task of pushing forward a well-established business legacy may be enviable for some but for the doer himself, it could be the most daunting challenge. , Director of took up the mantle of taking the cookware empire to newer heights and has delivered outstandingly.

Serving the company from the past two decades, Agarwal has become a notable dignitary in the industry thanks to the accolades he has earned for his brands. Expanding Vinod’s repertoire from stainless steel to state-of-the-art technology categories such as induction cookware and the competitive non-stick cookware, Agarwal achieved success regularly.

He infuses his mottos – safety and health –into the research and development of Vinod’s brands too and manages to create a buzzing environment within the company. The credit for truly building the Vinod Empire and making it an outstanding name among industry peers goes largely to Agarwal.

Apart from the other responsibilities, he is largely responsible for the widespread production and domestic marketing. His decisions of analyzing and implementing the right strategies on time to time basis which has brought diversified flavor and strong analytical ability for Vinod Cookware as a brand.

Also, his key success story is the Aluminium Sandwich Bottom for vessels that he brought about, which created a flutter with marketers and consumers.

In his various other interests, he has also been an active affiliate to Stainless Steel Merchants and several Industrial Bodies.