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Top 10 largest apparel companies worldwide in 2018


Forbes has released the 16th annual Forbes Global 2000 edition which lists the top 10 largest apparel retail companies in the world. The list includes publicly-traded companies from 60 countries and has been complied using data from FactSet

Research systems to screen for the biggest public companies in four metric: sales, profits, assets and market value. We bring you Forbes ‘World’s Top 10 Largest Apparel Companies’.

1Christain Dior

Global 2000 Rank: 150
Country: France


Global 2000 Rank: 289
Country: Spain


Global 2000 Rank: 344
Country: United States


Global 2000 Rank: 349
Country: France

5TJX Cos

Global 2000 Rank: 445
Country: United States


Global 2000 Rank: 457
Country: Germany

7Fast Retailing

Global 2000 Rank: 578
Country: Japan


Global 2000 Rank: 583
Country: Sweden

9Ross Stores

Global 2000 Rank: 734
Country: United States

10Hermès International

Global 2000 Rank: 844
Country: France