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Inatur unveils professional range of products


Ayurvedic and Aromapathy brand, stands for the best combination of scientific innovation and nature, and believes there are no cosmetic alternatives to natural beauty. The brand forayed into professional range with products like, Bio Ace Control, Bio Peel Facial, Bio Renewal, Bio Radiance, Bio Bridal, De-Tan 3-in-1 and Alginate Mask.

Bio Ace Control: It is enriched with pure essential oils, herbal complexes and anti-oxidants that are highly recommended for oily skin. It helps to clear the pores of debris, dead skin cells, oil dirt and other type of pollutants and helps to remove acne causing bacteria, excessive oil and black heads. It further prevents dirt build up.

Bio Peel Facial: This facial is enriched with pure essential oils, herbal complexes and anti-oxidants and is considered to be ideal for oily skin.

Bio Radiance: Powered with Anti-oxidants, herbal complexes and essential oils, it offers a rapid relief to tired and depleted skin. It removes impurities from the skin and the main ingredient, Hibiscus works as an antiseptic. It deeply cleanses the skin with nutrient rich cream.

Bio Renewal: This is enriched with active herbal complexes and Honeyquat that gently clears the complexion to give a healthy and nourished skin. It tones, nourishes and provides freshness to the skin and makes it soft and glowing. It is good for dull, mature or wrinkled skin.

Bio Bridal Facial Kit: It works against the ageing effects that are caused due to stress, pollution and climate and helps to create a more radiant, youthful and revived skin. The powerful Anti-oxidants, herbal complexes and essential oils offer relief to tired and depleted skin. It contains Gold powder, Hibiscus flower extracts, Patchouli oil, Saffron oil, Vanilla flower oil, Winter Cherry extracts and Zedoary extracts.

De-Tan 3-in-1: This 3-in-1 product acts as a cleanser, exfoliator and mask enriched with summer fruits like Apple to nourish, Papaya to assist in cell renewal and regeneration, Cucumber to hydrate and cool, Peach to moisturise and protect the skin and Strawberry to tone and exfoliate dead skin cells that further reduces tan and nourishes and hydrates the skin. It also reduces signs of premature ageing, skin darkening and pigmentation that are caused due the harmful UV rays. It is ideal for all types of skin and can be used on both body and face.

Alginate Mask: This is a luxurious treatment formulated to minimise open pores, control sebum, help reduce acne and evens skin tone. It contains a mask powder and an activator enriched with the goodness of Charcoal powder, Tea Tree oil and Orange Peel powder. This mask contains Alginates that are rich in minerals and forms the rubber texture of the mask. It locks in moisture, helps to plump up the skin and red minimise fine lines and wrinkles.