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Irrelevance of invasive cosmetic surgeries in the current times


Twenty years ago, non-invasive options for cosmetic improvement were few, and crude compared to those available today. The major trends offer patients more options, long-lasting results, predictability and at the same time, provide safety which is ideally the most important when it comes to surgeries. Of the 17 million cosmetic procedures performed last year, over 15 million were non-invasive. There is no doubt that non-surgical options are experiencing great popularity among cosmetic, as they have an advantage over traditional surgical options for facial rejuvenation, fat loss, nose shaping, and more.

Irrelevance of invasive cosmetic surgeries in the current times

Cosmetic procedures can be described by two main distinctions, invasive procedures, such as, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty and Facelift, and non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, such as, Ultherapy, Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Cooltech Fat Freeze, PRP, and more.

As a doctor, it is my duty to inform my patients about the varied options available that they can opt for. I also try to identify the requirements and needs of my patients and let them know the best available option for them, be it invasive or non-invasive surgery

When it comes to looking younger for longer, patients now have many choices than they had two decades ago to the advancement in non-invasive facial rejuvenation options. Now, patients have the option to delay their facial plastic surgery for years with the strategic use of non-invasive treatments like Ultherapy, Dermal Fillers, RF and PRP. It will not be incorrect to say that sometimes, non-invasive techniques offer a way to get similar or even the exact same results compared to invasive surgeries. They are believed to be better than undergoing an invasive surgery.

At ISAAC (), we offer our patients the non-invasive surgical options that we know and trust to give long-lasting results results. During the consultation, our doctors help our patients select the treatments that are best suited to achieve the desired result. They also help in making a treatment plan to improve the facial and body appearance of a patient.

Compared to traditional surgical treatments, non-invasive options are gaining popularity. They are not only decently priced as compare to invasive surgeries, but also have no down time and side effects on the body. Noninvasive cosmetic procedures require drastically less time to perform than traditional cosmetic surgeries. Most of the patients return to their regular activities immediately after their appointment. This is important for working professionals, who have demanding careers and cannot take weeks off from work to recover from the trauma inflicted on the body with invasive surgeries. While it is true that every surgery comes with some risk of complications, hence it can be scary for a patient. In contrast, non-surgical procedures do not require the use of anesthesia or the need for an incision, which means you do not have to fear the risks associated with surgery when you choose nonsurgical. To understand it in a better way let me give you the example of facelift surgery. While the procedure has improved over the years, it is still a serious endeavour as it requires incisions to be made on the skin resulting in 10 to 18 days of recovery. Even less invasive methods still result in facial swelling, pain, and an adequate recovery time.

When you compare Liposuction with Cooltech Fat Freeze treatment, Liposuction physically gouges and then sucks the fat out of the body, with immediate but not natural results. In comparison, clinical studies have demonstrated that Cooltech capitalises on the body’s natural lymphatic system to gradually remove frozen fat cells from the body over a period of one to two months. As a result, the Cooltech process appears identical to natural fat loss.

Post the procedure, if for some reason one is not pleased with the results, one can simply wait for them to fade and not repeat them. However, if the results have turned out well, one can schedule a follow-up appointment to maintain the youthful look. Gradual, natural results are more important for patients, who want to improve their appearance without revealing their selection of cosmetic procedures.