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Zahan Umrigar: Staying Ahead With Innovation


CEO of The Palms Spa, Bangalore, Zahan Umrigar shares his views on the wellness
industry of India, USPs of the spa, future plans, and more

Zahan Umrigar: Staying Ahead With Innovation

We always had a great appreciation for spas and the different techniques involved in making one feel a sense of absolute relaxation. Having travelled the world and experienced some of the best massages in the most beautiful spas, we felt a longing to bring the luxury experience to India. We had an opportunity to takeover an existing spa that we loved and saw great potential in, and the rest is, of course, history.

Views on the wellness industry in India
With the ever increasing stress in our day-to-day lives, it is essential to find a way for our bodies and minds to recover. Therefore, the wellness industry, although it might be considered a luxury, will always be important for health and peace of mind.

Staying ahead of competition
Our therapists are personally trained to maintain the highest standards. We are constantly researching and updating our procedures based on the newest techniques.

USPs of the spa
Apart from our quality massages and relaxing atmosphere, we have a machine called The Matrix, which was invented by a German doctor. This machine has a node that vibrates at the same frequency as your blood cells and is used to cure a host of problems, from nerve and muscle pain to lymph drainage. Each of our therapists is trained in the use of this machine and we are the only spa in the country using this machine as a tool for wellness.

Therapies offered
The spa menu includes a thoughtfully selected range of massages, body scrubs, and facials, for both men and women. Each treatment has been carefully thought out and designed to provide maximum benefit to the guest. While the menu include several of the classics like Herbal Detox Massages, Classic Thai Massage, Balinese and Sports Massages, it is constantly evolving to include innovative treatments and therapies.

Client engagement programmes
We have a membership programme, partnerships with associations such as. Vclusive.com and Nearbuy.com, seasonal offers as well as bridal packages.

Challenges faced
Our main challenge is to constantly maintain the high standards that we are so particular about. Our aim is to ensure that everything is of the highest quality, which includes not only the massage, but also ambience, cleanliness, politeness of the staff and all the many little details that go into making it unique and an enriching experience for our clients.

Future plans
We started our first spa in Mumbai and are currently in the process of expanding all over the country. It is our aim to take The Palms Spa accross India in the next couple of years.