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Sareena Acharya: Blessed with artistic vision


, Style Director at , Mumbai is one of the seven L’Oréal Professionnel ID Artists. She specialises in precision cutting and is known in the industry for her impeccable attention to detail.

Sareena Acharya: Blessed with artistic vision

Getting started
I have been influenced by art and fashion ever since I was a child. I took to this industry like a fish takes to water. I love what I do!

Professional background
After my graduation in Commerce, I enrolled myself for a professional hairdressing course at the Lakme Training Academy. I know that to upgrade my skills I would need to study further. So, I have also done specialised trainings in cut, colour and styling by international Portfolio artists at L’Oréal, like, Caroline Newman, Bertrem, Laurent D’Creton, Trevor Sorbie, Nathan Walker, and Tom Cornell. Since I conduct trainings, I have realised that teaching is the best method of learning. I have trained over 1,000 students in a six-year period and it has been a learning experience.

Challenges faced
A decade ago, our society was reluctant to approve this industry. Being recognised in this field, in fact recognising this field itself was a challenge. Now, the industry is progressing at a great pace. Some people, like myself, have stuck through, and are in a situation where we are able to give back to the industry, and help it grow further.

Association with Enrich and L’Oréal Professionnel
I have been associated with Enrich for over eight years now. From being a stylist at the salon, to being the Artistic Head for Enrich in India, I have done my best to use every opportunity for growth that I have been offered. I think, I have done well. Enrich and L’Oréal have worked together for over 20 years now, and this partnership has led to the growth of the industry. I have had the good fortune to grow along with this, and become a product of this collaboration.

Role and responsibility as an ID Artist
My primary responsibility is to provide quality education to upcoming hairdressers. As education is essential, as a L’Oréal Professionel ID Artist, it is my duty to offer support to this endeavour.

Hairdressing for different platforms
Platforms such as, shows, shoots, events, to name a few, are more for the hairdresser to understand the latest fashion and accompanying trends. One can see the styles sported by the participants and attendees, and be inspired for their own work. Apart from these, educational seminars are mainly for sharing techniques and latest learnings which can be adapted for use in salons.

Evolution as an artist
I have become an artist by constantly practicing my passion. I consider art to be beauty as seen through the lens of an artist, and receiving the opportunity to practice my art on a regular basis has helped me evolve.

Favourite products
I have always given priority to styling over cut and colour. My personal choice in the Tecni.Art range is Full Volume Mousse for curls, and Constructor for heat protection. My latest crush is the fabulous Power Mix treatment!

Views on the hair industry in India
The industry is growing at a tremendous pace, and keeping in mind the recent growth, the future prospects are really bright. Again, I must stress that education will play a key role in this development.

Advice to newcomers
A fresher should love art and beauty – only that will help them be consistent and eventually lead to their growth.

Future plans
I plan to increase my contribution of educational initiatives, and do my part in enhancing the industry through various forums.