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Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director, Truffle Collection


Vijay Pal Singh Johal, Director of the brand Truffle Collection, is a visionary and a go getter. With an aim to be the number one fashion shoe brand in India, providing the best shoe styles at affordable prices, he introduced Truffle Collection in 2015, merely 8 years into the industry. His observant nature allows him to be a stalwart in the product designing aspect of the brand which also happens to be his passion. He intends to garner maximum brand loyalty by delivering beyond perfection services.

A gritty, self-motivated individual, Johal has transitioned from waiting tables at the age of 15 to owning his own shoe brand. He, over the years, has drawn from those experiences which have led towards all the accumulated success he has achieved. Meeting new people and understanding new cultures has helped him understand life in a deeper, more meaningful way.

His considerate nature towards others’ opinions and point of view contributes to his leadership credentials. A hustler, Johal is an enthusiastic, hardworking individual who leads by example. He is a dreamer who strongly believes everything can be achieved when one puts his heart into it.

He holds a degree in footwear design from London College of Fashion and has an experience of 8+ years in the industry. Under his leadership the brand has scaled new heights of success with a growth rate of whopping 350 percent since 2015.

He wants Truffle Collection to be the shoe style icons in the Indian market and plans to achieve this through thorough research and understanding the popular trends and needs of the consumer in India.

He enjoys meeting new people and loves understanding new cultures. He also has a specific interest in sports.