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Natasha Naegamvala: To the Manor Born


Natasha Naegamvala, Director, Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon, and daughter of the veteran hairstylist Nalini Naegamvala, has hairdressing in her blood. With Salon India, she shares her professional journey

Getting started
I followed in my mother and sister’s footsteps. They enjoyed being a part of the hairstyling business, and I, too, hoped for the same. It was my sister who made me the hairstylist I am today. She has to be the most technically sound stylist that I know! I was a few years into this line and then she decided to take me under her wing. I am delighted to be in this business, and could not have asked for more. Education is critical so I studied in London, mainly with Vidal Sassoon and Toni&Guy, and also did a few courses with SAKS, Charles Worthington, and more.

Challenges and overcoming them
Back then, one had to deal with clients who had reservations about spending money on their haircut or colour. It took some time for them to believe that doing so was a good thing. Luckily that is no longer a problem!

Current role and responsibility
Both my mother and I essentially manage and run the salon, look into the administration, overlook the skill and calibre of stylists, the magnitude of work, think of the various business schemes and options, and so on. No different from most business owners! However, as a professional I have changed. From becoming somebody that took pride in the number of jobs done, now it is about ‘the’ job being done. Now I take ample time on each client, and style only three clients in a day

Ramp versus real
The clients that come into the salon need and want everyday, wearable hair. Bollywood is about the film, the look of the film and the actors. Editorial shoots, and similarly ramp is generally about the designer and their collection, sometimes very avant garde and sometimes very understated so as to not take away from the clothes.

Favourite products
Having worked with Wella and Sebastian for such a long time, I have to say that I really like the brands.

Current trends in cut, colour and style
Too many to categorically say. Tousled hair is really cool in some instances and then again on the flip-side, so is well groomed hair.

Views on the hair industry and advice to aspirants
Our hair industry is superbly international. Those who are newcomers in the line need to simply love the craft or not do it at all. Find your niche and all else will fall into place.

Future plans and projects
I love my small, intimate salon. I love that I can talk to just about most of the clients that walk into the salon, even if I am not working on them. I love that my salon is a quality driven salon and I would like to maintain that.