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Salon and Spa Equipment Distributor’s Take on the Business


It is true that in the salon and spa equipment segment, there is far too much competition, which makes it diffi cult for small and mid segment brands to survive. Salon India spoke to a few distributors who shared insights on the strategies they have adopted to stay afl oat


VIEW ON THE SALON AND SPA EQUIPMENT SEGMENT The hair tools category is the most important. Efficient tools and effective products are both relevant for hair services.

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Mr. Barber has essential and specialised tools for hairdressers with a product line that consists of professional thermal hair brushes, dryers, ceramic and titanium straighteners, curling tongs, combs, and section and crocodile clips. Olivia Garden is the leader in premium hair brushes, scissors, detanglers and innovative hair tools.

HIGHLIGHTS AND DRAWBACKS The highlights are that today hairstylists pay attention on the quality of the tools used on a client; the focus is moving towards efficiency and durability of the tools; western influence and rich Indian bridal trends have raised the standard of hairstyling, due to which there is a surge in the demand for specialised tools. The drawbacks, on the other hand, are the lack of education and awareness among hairdressers about new international trends; unorganised players who offer inferior products which leads to dissatisfied services, and most importantly, false service commitments that are made by brands to mislead the consumer.

ZEROING UPON ON BRANDS/PRODUCTS We spend years researching and developing before launching any product. Since we are associated with various brands in different categories, we get direct insights from the shopfloor level about the needs and challenges of a hairdresser. We understand the need carefully and service it by choosing the right supplier worldwide, who can provide quality tools. We have our own Education team to test the products, and also take feedback from key industry experts on the product which has to be launched.

STAR PRODUCT The entire range of Mr. Barber is well accepted as it is high in quality, has an effective after sales service and are affordable. Mr. Barber Strait n Shine Plus is a straightener with advanced mirror finish titanium plates. It provides faster heating upto 230° and lends shine to the hair while it is being used. The extra long cord and 360° swivel makes it comfortable for use. The Mr. Barber Powerplay 2500 Dryer is also popular among the top hairdressers, as clients appreciate the high flow capacity with adequate heat, and the instant cool shot button.

MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED The overall theme of the brand communication is urban and contemporary, and the packaging design of the products is innovative. We hold educational seminars for hairdressers across the country by tying up with hair experts. Our marketing and communication teams work with advertising firms and print media so that the right message about the brand can be conveyed. We participate in trade shows in order to spread awareness among the consumer.

ROLE OF INNOVATION Innovation is a necessity in today’s cut-throat competition. Our R & D team is continuously experimenting and inventing new techniques. For instance, Mr. Barber Ultra Straits model has advanced LED Touch display that helps the hairdressers switch the temperature instantly. The rounded edges help the stylist to create artistic curls for their client.

FUTURE PLANS We are planning to expand our product lines, and launch more specialised tools to address the specific needs of the hairdresser. Our plan is to launch the brand in 2,000 salons and spas spread across 50 cities across India.


VIEW ON THE SALON AND SPA EQUIPMENT SEGMENT When the concept of salons was new in the market, people had the notion that they were meant for only the rich. With the changing times, this equation between the salon and the customer has changed. The growth of the industry is a result of the interest of the consumer in the latest trends and happenings. In accordance with this growth, the equipment segment has developed its market.

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Berina Professionals has an extensive range of hair equipment, starting from the authentic professional straightening irons to curling tongs and hair dryers. Our brand is unique as each equipment is diffe rent from the other. Starting with hair straighteners of ceramic plates to titanium plates (Model no: BC 50X), vibration technology straighteners (Model no: BC 30X) to infrared straightening irons (Model no: BC 092TF), different sizes of conical tongs and hair dryers from from1800W to 2400W is available.

HIGHLIGHTS AND DRAWBACKS Both the highlights and drawbacks of this industry are the new and innovative products being launched, which is leading to too much competition. Therefore, only the best can survive.

STAR PRODUCT The titanium plated straightening iron 30X and 50X with the unique feature of vibration technology and ultra-shine, respectively.
MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED Education is one of the traditional ways that we use. We believe education is the best way to reach out to people. We are planning to reach out to people through numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

ROLE OF INNOVATION International media is the biggest influence on the equipment segment. With the world getting digital more and more people have become more aware and equally interested in utilising innovative products available. Although male grooming has just started to unveil, the ladies are influenced and motivated.

FUTURE PLANS Our prime target is variety and exclusivity. We want people to make the most of what they can get. We have a thirst of new and exclusive products at a price range that everyone can afford. We intend to reach, educate and make woman look and feel gorgeous.


VIEW ON THE SALON AND SPA EQUIPMENT SEGMENT Money and the beauty industry go hand in hand. The Indian beauty industry is not regularised and lacks big brands and players. There is a lot of space for them.

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO We have technology-based products in the nail art industry, which boost the industry as there are not many creative nail artists. Our machine-based nail art can fill the gap.

HIGHLIGHTS AND DRAWBACKS Nail art is estimated to do over $200 mn business in India. It can reach $500mn by 2020. Major players are absent due to regulatory problems. Cosmetic import is tough.

ESSKAY BEAUTY RESOURCES O2 NAILS BERINA COSMETICS ZEROING UPON ON BRANDS/PRODUCTS We have introduced a product wherein we print the designs on nails through a mobile printer connected to a built-in wi-fi. Now, any salon owner can think of investing in nail art as it is an easy process.

STAR PRODUCT O2 NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 is a 35-second colourful printer which gives nail designs; V9 three minute Shape Gel Nail Kit, and the Portable Single Nail LED Light, Stylemate Kit gives numerous colours of your choice.

MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED We want to establish a network by showcasing our products at major salons, malls and high streets.

ROLE OF INNOVATION Innovation plays an important role as the nail art business is still small.

FUTURE PLANS We want to build a network of distributors for nail art and other beauty products.


VIEW ON THE SALON AND SPA EQUIPMENT SEGMENT The consumption of beauty services has been increasing since the last few years. The concept of grooming and beauty, for both men and women, is becoming an essential part of their personality. Consumers are ready to spend more money to enhance their appearance with these services. Rising affluence of the middle-class segment has increased their willingness to buy beauty products and services. Beauty and spa service providers have started expanding to Tier II and III regions and getting a positive response. The operational costs for service providers is also lower in smaller towns. The market which was earlier women-centric has started concentrating on male grooming and now a large number of unisex salons are coming up.

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO We are offering the best of the international brands. Takara Belmont from Japan has a complete range of equipment like hair setting, hair styling equipment, facial treatment equipment and hot or cool Towel cabinets. Continuum Pedispa from USA has the most comfortable pedispa units for pedicure and manicure. Oakworks from USA has massage beds of international standard. We plan to add more brands.

HIGHLIGHTS AND DRAWBACKS The beauty salon and spa industry like any other industry is also facing certain challenges. Lack of skilled manpower and organised training institutes are the biggest issues. The operational cost is increasing and is not in proportion to the revenue. This makes a service provider use poor quality products which is not healthy for the market to grow. Also, technically sound engineers and technicians to maintain and service the equipment on a regular basis is required. Too many new products are there in the market, which has made maintaining a standard to be a challenge. Salon owners have become price conscious.

ZEROING UPON ON BRANDS/PRODUCTS We are offering standard products and equipment and cater to high end salons and spas, hotels and resorts.

STAR PRODUCT The Mirco-Mist, which is a hair treatment processor. It is based on mist technology and provides best results after a treatment. The Roller Ball which is replacing the conventional hood hair dryers in salons. It is a rotating ring on a stand with Infra red heating elements, and is used to get best results for colouring, perming, and so on.

MARKETING STRATEGIES ADOPTED Keeping in mind the rising affluence of the middle-class, we would like to educate and increase awareness about products.
ROLE OF INNOVATION Digitalisation is making people more aware of products and equipment. This industry has been witnessing an increase in the number of international players, thus service providers are concentrating on male grooming. Earlier the market was more women-centric.

FUTURE PLANS To grow with the increasing demand of the industry, we would like to increase the awareness among men and women about the importance of grooming in today’s world. Also, we would like to cater to more service providers and offer quality equipment and products.