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Artdeco Group eyes double digit growth; to take total point-of-sales count to 500


Artdeco Group – Germany’s undisputed market leader in cosmetics – has recently launched two new cosmetics brands in India – ANNY (premium quality nail care brand) and Make up Factory (professional make-up brand).

Artdeco Group eyes double digit growth rate; to take total count of point-of-sales to 500
Artdeco Group - Germany's undisputed market leader in cosmetics - has recently launched two new cosmetics brand in India - ANNY (premium quality nail care brand) and Make up Factory (professional make-up brand)

Prior to this, Artdeco Group introduced BeYu cosmetics and premium skincare brand Malu Wilz in India in partnership with Kaunis Marketing Services.

The success of the these brands globally is accredited to Sascha Reinhard, Managing Partner ICB Innovative Cosmetic Brands GMBH – Member of Artdeco Cosmetic Group.

In 1992, Rienhard joined the Artdeco Cosmetic Group where he has remained for the past 24 years. From 1992 to 2003 he helped develop Malu Wilz and Arabesque brands for the Artdeco Cosmetic Group. In 2005 he was made Partner of Innovative Cosmetic Brands GmbH for BeYu, ANNY and Make up Factory.

Rienhard, who has been instrumental in redefining beauty with products that went on to carve a niche of its own globally under his stupendous management, exclusively shared the retail plans of the brands in his India kitty with Indiaretailing Bureau.

Excerpts from the chat…

Tell us about ANNY and Make up Factory?

Drawing inspiration from the great fashion capitals of Los Angeles, Miami and New York and their creative influences, ANNY impresses with extraordinary colour schemes. The brand unites the lifestyle and latest colour trends from the urban hotspots with a deep-rooted flair for stylish, breathtaking and playful coolness. It is an indispensable style element for exceptional women. ANNY offers a unique take on life just as they love it – a nail polish that is expressive, cool and extravagant. ANNY – Your Style Your Lifestyle.

Make up Factory meanwhile, stands for professional make up products not only for make up artists but also for all women with a desire for high quality products. Aesthetic design combined with an exceptional color palette and the highest possible standard of quality.

Professional cosmetics are not only for makeup artists, but also for all women with a desire for high-quality products – that was the vision of Make up Factory right from the start.

In close cooperation with international makeup artists and Europe‘s most renowned cosmetics manufacturers, Make up Factory developed a brand that sets new standards in the world of cosmetics. Esthetic design, an exceptional color palette and the highest possible quality are the characteristics of the brand.

Tell us about on your partnership with Kaunis Marketing in India and their marketing and distribution strategies for new and existing brands.

Kaunis works together with BeYu, ANNY and Make up Factory in close cooperation in order to provide the best possible products and colors to the Indian market. The marketing and distribution strategies – which I can’t reveal right now – are made in tandem.

What is the retail strategy of ANNY and Make up Factory?

ANNY will be available in select modern trade outlets along with leading general trade outlets, while Make up Factory will see an exclusive launch soon.

What is your opinion of the Indian cosmetic and beauty market and how do you plan to stay ahead of the competition in the country?

We see a huge potential in the Indian market with double digit growth rates for the next five years for Artdeco. We plan on bringing tailor-made products and colours to the Indian market, especially designed to meet Indian needs.

How important is it for your brands to go Omnichannel?

With BeYu we are present with the leading modern trade chains on ground, and after observing great traction we plan to expand to an online platform as well. We have just launched the brand on the online platforms of leading modern trade chains.

We would certainly explore an Omnichannel strategy with respect to our upcoming brands, however it would be too early to comment on that at this point in time.

Who is your TG?

Our brands are present in the semi-selective segment of the category with our consumers present in Metros, mini-metros belonging to Sec A, and B+.

What is the selling price segment for all the brands?

Average Selling Price of BeYu is Rs 975 and Malu Wilz is Rs 1,700.

Tell us about the store formats that you are present across India.

Our kiosks are present in all the lading malls and shop-in-shops in general trade and modern trade outlets.

Elaborate on the expansion plans for existing brands – BeYu and Malu Wilz.  

Currently, BeYu is available in 307 doors and will be available in 500 outlets by the year end, while Malu Wilz be present in 100 general trade and modern trade stores across country by the year end.

How much are you planning to spend to aid the expansion plans?

To aid the expansion plans we are looking forward to spend in the range of 40-50 percent of revenue.

What are your revenue targets for current and coming fiscal?

We are targeting for double digit growth rate and enlarging the distribution from current 300 to 500 + stores.