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Tools to grow the restaurant business


In today’s scenario, we can rightly say that technology is the growth booster for restaurant business. It’s changing the face of the F&B industry and with such expedition. The F&B industry has grown tremendously and a lot of it is owing to technology. We talk about customer engagement, data analysis, quick service, etc. but how has technology contributed to it and how is it beneficial to a restaurant business?

Tools to grow the restaurant business
The F&B industry has grown tremendously and a lot of it is owing to technology

Technology Infrastructure: Let’s start with restaurant technology. This doesn’t always mean new gadgets or cooking devices. Take your POS system or Internet network for example. Any hitch there could lead to frustration and negatively impact your operations. A business-standard infrastructure can ensure that everything – right from your reservation to settlement of bills – is always undisturbed. Offering free WiFi services to your customers also helps in increasing footfalls and impacts revenue.

Data Analysis: Data is the most important asset for any business. And it is through this data that one can make the way to growth and success. An ERP and POS software lets restaurant owners collect data with ease and provides them with the tools to organize and analyze that data to understand the customer’s preferences and tastes, which in turn helps in bringing in more business. The insights collected assist you in creating special campaigns and loyalty programs. Collecting and harnessing details like the daily sales, inventory cost, most selling items, etc. contribute to a successful restaurant business.

Customer Engagement: Today, if you ask any restaurateur about their priority, after food quality, it will be customer engagement. After all, customers determine the success of a business. They are paramount (read: God) for any business. It’s crucial for a restaurant business to ensure that the customers bring repeat business. There are many ways in which technology can help achieve this. You could want to make your website or app more interactive and easy. When a customer visits the restaurant, the focus of the staff should be on communicating with customers, to which restaurants are adopting handheld order taking tabs and digital menus. Not only is it more engaging, it simplifies the ordering process, resulting in faster and error-free service. In addition, one can even collect the feedback and settle bills at the table itself.

Quick Service or Pick up: In this fast-paced world, food has to be fast too, hence the demand for quick service or takeaway outlets. This means your orders need to be processed fast and a POS software lets you do just that in a zap. It lets you process orders faster, also keeping your inventory and menu updated. The transfer of order to the kitchen and timely preparation results in better service. On the whole, it ensures you save time while preventing any breach in service.

Increasing Delivery Options: With people having access to technology in their pockets, more and more people are diving in for home deliveries. Who says no to comfort, after all. Restaurants are taking advantage of online ordering platforms where customers can mention their preferences. POS software picks up the orders in the system and transfers this information to the restaurant, thus providing efficiency and accuracy throughout the process. Hence, it helps save on time, provide faster deliveries and better customer service.

Thus, if you are a restaurant owner, then by using technology you can combat competition and ease out operations at the same time. Are you game for technology?