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Dhwani Swaminarayan, Founder and Director, Kiwings Service Private Limited


Dhwani Swaminarayan is a vivacious, venturesome, determined and passionate young leader with business acumen.

Twice gold medalist and always a scholar in her studies, she is a NIFT alumnus with a master degree in Fashion Management. She is a day dreamer and an achiever, an author, philosopher, social worker, art and travel lover and a self-made entrepreneur at a very young age.

She believes in ‘Keeping Things Simple’ and ‘Being prepared for the future’. These philosophies also reflect in her organization Kiwings, which designs and delivers the learning programs for various organizations in the simplest and most effective manner with an objective of making their employees future ready and equip them with right tools for learning applications. She believes that even rocket science can be simplified and taught.

At an early age of 24, she contributed to the retail industry by co-authoring a book on basics of retail and its processes, explained in the simplest possible manner and published by a renowned publisher like Tata McGraw Hill.

She has spent 8 years of her career working with renowned organisations in the industry like Aditya Birla Group, Landmark Group, Future Group and Batra Group. She started her career as a visual merchandiser and later discovered her interest, skill and passion in the field of learning and development. With her creative mind and innovative ideas, she always strives to create something new and exciting to make life more beautiful for self and others.

She started Kiwings in April 2016 with an objective to partner with the businesses and provide an end-to-end learning solution through training and thereby empowering an organization to make a measureable difference. Kiwings is currently addressing the learning needs of retail industry with the plans to foray in other industries too in the near future.

Her ultimate vision through Kiwings is to be a bridge between the pool of experts and knowledge seekers and learners by converting the resources in to an experiential learning programs.