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Amazon Prime Chief Greg Greeley leaves company


Greg Greeley, Vice President of Amazon Prime Worldwide, has announced plans to leave the company after an 18-year tenure with the company.

Amazon Prime Chief Greg Greeley leaves company

“It’s hard to believe it has been over 18 years since I joined Amazon. It has been an amazing and inspirational experience, but the time has come for me take on a different challenge,” wrote Greeley in LinkedIn post.

He further added, “It was Jeff Bezos’ heartfelt 1997 Letter to Shareholders that ultimately drew me to Amazon, and I have not regretted that decision for even a nanosecond. That letter described a unique approach for a public company, and the vision it contained was even more powerful than I fully understood at the time. With a relentless focus on customers and eight clearly defined long-term principles, it has been the foundation for a phenomenal business, and I truly believe, even now, it is still Day 1.”

“Those who have read that letter know it speaks of employees joining with the desire to build something that matters to customers, something we can tell our grandchildren about,” Greeley added. “That has certainly been the case for me, and is still the case for those joining today. Amazon is a company where you really can help invent the future, a company where builders can build, a company where you have a unique opportunity to work hard, have fun, and make history.”

Greeley ended his statement by noting his thankfulness to Amazon’s team members—though the departing executive did not stipulate what the “different challenge” to which he was moving on would be.